ReFLEXion: Smile

Self-reflection is great! But don’t let your life mission be: To find yourself. It should not be a one person pursuit and struggle. The act of finding yourself should always be pursued through others and for others. They need you and you them.  Keep it simple. Strive to put a smile on a face. Be a mirror to reflect a positive image of themselves. They will always smile if they see the light someone else points out. They will always need the reassurance and confidence. This little gesture can make a HUGE difference. And someday, when you need it the most, you will see a reflection back to you from someone else.


You are amazing. You are unique. Let your light shine!


ReFLEXion: Lasting Impressions

“My dreams are my desires — to intentionally inspire.”

We are so unique. To be explained from a glimpse of the mind only paints a frozen picture. Moments imprint a lasting impression. In a flip book of collected memories, how will you resonate? Moments of realization from regretful actions are one-sided lessons; and painful endings always have two beginnings.

ReFLEXion: Find Time To Shine

Your uniqueness is the very glitter of a fleck of flint. Each fleck, collaborative in forming something useful to catch fire. Each fleck, looks the same — small and insignificant, like they are one. But, the very essence of what makes them unique creates friction and spits fire, just slightly enough to sparkle. But that is enough to

Unknown-2ignite the whole area. It’s beauty, together, create breathtaking awe, in the simplicity of wonder — God’s wonder.

God’s wonder-ful. Wonderful-ly exclusive, elusive. Only those who believe, receive the truthful perception — an all-consuming direction. It’s not a straight path to a destination. Not limiting but liberating. Free, not fate but destiny. His atmosphere is the fuel we need to succeed. Purpose. Perplexing, when seen only through eyes. Read between the lines, the senses, have faith, and grab at the confusion. Only then, it’s not an illusion.

Breathe in and open your eyes.


ReFLEXion: Moment of Silence

In the moments of silence for humankind, the power, in its brevity, can raise a multitude. Heaviness fills the lungs for all who look at the crowd. Swimming in a sea of eyes — strokes of different colors. They all meld, as you drift in the current, feeling the waves of emotions. Some eyes are recognized, but most are only familiar by the expression of disbelief and confusion, all searching for something. In the gathering, it’s found. Familiarity — comfort. The moment lingers as your eyes close. Head drops, but you’re lifted up. Eyes shut, but your feet no longer touch. Wrapped in oneness, you feel the heart beat of each body — a unified pulse of sorrow and submission, of peace and love. Guided from above. For that moment there is no understanding, no logical thought being comprehended, but a feeling. A consuming, bittersweet atmosphere that sweeps you up and seep inside, grows, and slides down your eyes.

A Present State-of-Mind: The fine line between Strength and Weakness

Nothing gives me insight more than not finding time to write down my thoughts. They get so jammed up; I feel like I will explode! At the first chance, it comes pouring out. .

. .I am one big walking fortune cookie. I have this wisdom and foresight, most of the time, I have to clue what to do with. I tend to put people off when I speak. It’s like a different language to most; and, for some reason, I can’t shut it off.

I function like an alien. I tend to think with my eyes in a virtual reality of the ideal. When I see a problem as it stands, I am designed to search for a solution.

My perception is insulting to the natural manner of most. Some tend to think I am correcting their behavior. I am learning to only give my input if asked; but, it seems unfair. I AM JUST TRYING TO HELP! 😛

Nothing makes me question my purpose/existence more than being surrounded by those who don’t understand me, who question my motives, or who need an explanation for my reasoning. After constant explaining, with little to no approval, it starts to eat away my confidence. Confidence that I, so patiently, built my foundation on.

If I’m surrounded by those who can’t accept or don’t understand how I am, I feel trapped in a life of seclusion and consuming fear of rejection. I put a great effort in fitting in; but, it just seems to kink up my insides. A problem easily fixed by support of others; but, if the people who surround my daily life seem to lack the capability to support me, my purpose and existence break down with my foundation.

For those who take these things out of context or see my words as judgment and ridicule, my “solutions” can be weary and draining. Therefore, soar straight over their heads — a classic case of misunderstanding. Motivation, positivity, and encouragement can only be empowering to those who seek it to be.

It has been a reoccurring issue in my life and I am starting to wonder if it’s because I have issues that personally need to be ironed out. What better way to adjust my focal point than to be in a room full of people who have a different view on life. Standing in a bubble of isolation forces me to analyze the reasons I was put there in the first place.

ReFLEXion: How will you be Remembered?

How will you be remembered? — For the ones shaped around what you leave behind. For the ones who desperately cling to something to hold onto.

Who will remember you? Being remembered only matters to them; because, when you are gone, you exist no more on Earth. When your journey is complete, you are only a memory — distant and blowing in the wind — the whispers of sweet and touching times. They matter greatly to those still on Earth; but, for you, existing has a whole new meaning.

How do you want to be remembered? Not for the legacy, but for the others who continue on this earth. It’s okay to be forgotten. Don’t be afraid of life’s ambiguity. If you seek to be immortalized, none will have really known you.

Leave a thought or comment —  I would love to hear them! 🙂

The Deepest Pain

The deepest pain is the unnatural — pain from problems of man. Problems of a selfish and lonely man — Lost and desperate. He tried to get rid of the pain; but, despite his effort, inflicted more into this world.

How can such a man exist? Are there no reasonable options? Were there none to hear the whispers? So far from life he had to shout to be heard? So many questions. None of which matter. The only thing, at the moment, that shall resonate with me is the imbalance of it all.

Unnatural and painful is this tragedy. The tragedy of a man, lost. Choosing violence as his way out, opened fire in a dark theatre. An intimate and cozy moment between lovers torn a million ways. Pieces of soul and mind split apart by the shock of it all. Like a View Master Reel, first, an image of ordinary content. Then click, flashes and her limp body in his helpless hands.

Death does not inspire me with words but fill blank spaces with questions and confusion that can never be understood. Only God can show its meaning….in time.