The Seam between the Horizon

Unresolved conflict.

Internal residue of a once free-flowing river.

Now clogged, stagnant and stale.

Speaks lies to you.

Sends you places —

misfit and misguided.

You ask why you’re always the victim.

You can’t deny,

life’s thrown you down.


in the stale sea of feelings, swirling around

with every movement — mix together.

There’s no escape.

Struggling, as your chin bobs,

trying not to go under, you look up.

The sky, a vibrant and beautiful wonder.

Such a peaceful sight

despite your troubles.

Bubbles in your mouth as you blow,

breathe in and choke.

Your eyes close.

Momentarily, you lose sight.

But your eyes open again

to a glimpse of Heaven’s light

The seam between the horizon —

a peek beyond it.

A diminishing moment.

Turns dusk, turns night.

You feel alone.

You could let the darkness consume you.

But you don’t.

That moment of light,

the end of a tunnel — so bright,

exposed your soul.

Possibilities, dreams, hope.

Darkness is always broken by light.

You fight.

Tread water

until a little sliver,

waves of glimmer,

reach the shore and your eyes.



Up and out

onto land that’s dry.

Feet firm but ready to fly.


Remnants of a Goodbye

A goodbye —

the faint trail it leaves behind.

I find it, when I turn to look.

A mirage that blocks reality

ripples into what’s seen.

Feelings imprinted through memory.

Glance just briefly.

Mistakes take me — reminiscing.

Remember things into existence.

The faded and dried remnants

of something lost forever —

from a dry, deserted home.

Redemption. . .will never come.

Moments passed without remaining relevant in this life

come back to pierce like a knife.

Completely different — presence sealed in fate.

Dreams are meant to reach — not remake.


Free Flow: Let it Go.

Sat back and let it rap.

Thoughts stashed.

My flow breaks glass.

Rising to be independently presented

as a metaphor for the risen.

I’ve made a point to present it

with purpose pure and pleasant.


Sent away by mal-intent.

Casted away from Misunderstanding —


I had no chance. My life stirred in resentment.


How could it be?

Seeking more, I flee

from all those who could never interpret me,

see me as a threat,

or once used me so I could never forget

pain from the doubt I once had.

Not for them but for myself.


I thought I was worthless.

So I did things knowing I’d regret.

Vision blurry — so unfocused.

Can’t remember because I went unnoticed.

At least to me. So desperately

wanted to be free.

From this body —

Scrape this cracked skin off of me.

Bleed onto the floor.

No perimeter — free.


Shake this false sense of security.

Break boundaries farther than any eye can see —


Free from identity,

labels and category.

Not defined by others but self proclamation

State and claim

a revelation.

What I Write For

I write to defend against sin we daily live in.


Negativity is sticky —

like a hot, humid day.

It can drag you down and away.

It can drag you into the mountain’s

valleys — an endless “there.”

The farther down the thicker the air.


I write encouragement for courage to sin again.

It will happen. But a different outlook changes the perspective.

Objective. Consider what subject can change direct.

Forgiveness does reflect

from a painful, slow death.


I write to create something beautiful.

Something beautiful, to remember

that such possibilities do exist.

Even when doubt fills your lips.

Even when pins prick your resting nerves —

you get what you deserve.


How can you resist?

Distant death’s a miss.

You’ve escape the bondage.


I write to release — make a cure from a disease.

Personal glory and freedom.

Belief undone from one.

Your consciousness — just be them.

Creation stems to everyone.

If we all would be connected — un-objected,

continuously adjusting and redirecting,

our goals form a beautiful image.

Each piece placed together — a perfect fit.


I write to connect, reflect, and redirect.

It’s a piece of me I share because it’s meant to hear.

Sometimes, just for me, but sometimes, I touch a heart.

The chance to heal. I hold dear.

And that reason is a start.

My Sweet Husband

You keep my feet on my toes

and my head in the clouds.

It’s hard to believe I’ve never known

what I couldn’t live without.

Dreams can carry me away

but you never hold me down.

Your always right beside me.

Your guitar and my crown.

Queen of whiskey bay.

You make it feel so easy.

A love I’ve never known —

like the wind, light and breezy.


Paper Wall

Hanging from this paper wall — swinging side-to-side.

It seems to be important that my hands hold on tight.

If I hang on long enough, I might, swing to the other side. 

Hanging from this paper wall — love’s final desperate cry.

Chasing fantasy, calling it destiny is all I’ve known my whole life.

Comforting is never comfortable and I believe my own lies.

Hanging from this paper wall, I finally said goodbye.

I had to fall to let go; but now my feet can climb.