Hand-in-Hand, We Stand

The power to shape a multitude of minds needs to go to the hands of the Almighty and his followers. It’s time to stand up and shout the truth. We are all among the same. And we all want one thing — to love and be loved. As long as each of us represent love as our embodiment, we are protected by God.


If we were to all join hands, with this same goal, we could all reach our potential. Don’t leave it to fate, the sneaking hand that wipes a shadow through your lighted path, to decide. And, don’t leave it to your choices — we make mistakes. We are man and imperfect.
Fate and destiny are two separate things. 


Fate becomes reality when someone else interferes. Your life was not “destined” to be that way; but, because someone decide to swing so off course, he momentarily landed in your “light to guide your path,” you hit a piece of their problem. If you were soaring right along heading in the highway because you were on track, well, sometimes it’s a fatal crash. A tragic loss.
Destiny is where you are heading. You have a lighted, narrow path waiting to lead you to your destiny; but, you have to find it. In order to find it, you must look. This path has plenty of branches that rub or occasionally hit you. Do not turn away from this path; because eventually, it finds the higher road that sees the sun every day.
Choices are Our Paths
There are times we must all face choices — some are easy, some are hard. Sometimes, the lesson has to be learned the hard way. Choices are paths; they determine how long it will take to get somewhere. Sometimes, they block things from ever occurring. But by our choices, we become who we are in the present. This moment was made by those choices so we should see our mistakes and pick the positive out of them. It will be tools to help you along the repaired road — because God always gives us another chance.
He nurtures you so that you may grow. He prunes you so that you may produce. But he also gives you a passion to use as a channel to reach your highest.

A Story Known Too Well

She saw him as confident and strong-willed. He knew they were different but it was the very reason he loved her. Despite his effort to stay away, he would always find his way back into her life. He knew she would easily let him back in. He took advantage of her love until she could not take the pain. He desperately tried to hang on but she wouldn’t budge. She loved him but it wasn’t enough.

He realized it was over. Still, at this discovery, it was the hardest goodbye. Full of life revelations. She finally saw him cry.

Bittersweet. Bitter from anxiety and sadness — a mixture of salty wetness. Sweet like the anticipation of a forbidden fruit.

The feeling of anticipation at the moment of release felt like butterflies fluttering inside. They reminded her that nothing stays the same — good things were coming. Finally opened her eyes. You have to let them go for butterflies to fly.

My Sweet Husband

You keep my feet on my toes

and my head in the clouds.

It’s hard to believe I’ve never known

what I couldn’t live without.

Dreams can carry me away

but you never hold me down.

Your always right beside me.

Your guitar and my crown.

Queen of whiskey bay.

You make it feel so easy.

A love I’ve never known —

like the wind, light and breezy.


Paper Wall

Hanging from this paper wall — swinging side-to-side.

It seems to be important that my hands hold on tight.

If I hang on long enough, I might, swing to the other side. 

Hanging from this paper wall — love’s final desperate cry.

Chasing fantasy, calling it destiny is all I’ve known my whole life.

Comforting is never comfortable and I believe my own lies.

Hanging from this paper wall, I finally said goodbye.

I had to fall to let go; but now my feet can climb.

The Abstract Writer’s Idea: The Three E’s

The Abstract Writer

The process of an artist is not meant to be understood, even to themselves. If they were to understand, than exploring the possibilities would not be so alluring. Abstract concepts would not exist. New ideas and innovations would not be thought of. The world is more than sight — it’s senses. An abstract world can morph into anything.

The noun, abstract, is the eye catcher. Words strung together to spike emotions in order to draw a connection to the reader and the content. The content proves the abstract to be true.

The adjective, abstract, is just an idea until brought to life. It is not your reality but it doesn’t mean it’s not realistic. It can be accomplished. It can be attained.

The verb, abstract, is the action of creation. It’s expressing limitless possibilities that have not ever been more than an idea or dream.

As an abstract writer, I see a world incomprehensibly vast yet all connected through energy, effort, and evolution.


To be alive, thrive and revolutionize.


I’ve said before, energy is everything and everything is energy. It is our stream of movements It’s the pushes and pulls to and from relationships and destiny.

All energy connects us to each other and to the universe. It makes us one stream of renewable energy attracting or repelling, ultimately to steer us to paths we are meant to be on. Energy gives us meaning and the desire to live.


From this desire for movement, we are tested. Time comes when we face our fears. Either decide to walk through them or be destroyed by them.

Effort and energy work hand-in-hand. Our energy gives us desire and direction that focuses our efforts. Objects in motion want to stay in motion. This same concept applies with energy. Energy weaving through, directing your body to push forward.


Energy + Effort = Evolution

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “evolution” as a process in which the whole universe is a progression of interrelated phenomena.

This definition is not specifically speaking about outer adaptations, which is ironically the controversial aspect of evolution. In a broader sense, this definition speaks about the effort energy weaves in and out our entire existence — mostly within our deepest fibers and through each other.

Evolution is controversial because change is scary. But, it’s ultimately the very thing that allows our lives to flourish and our lives as mankind to continue. All the virtuous qualities in a man gives him the ingredients to potentially create something amazing.


The Abstract Writer’s idea

Love produces content quality ingredients; but it still takes the three E’s: Energy, Effort, and Evolution to produce quality products.

It’s a constant conflicting idea — to stay content where you are, but always take opportunities for change. These separate ideas have to coincide despite their ironic differences. If you were content in life what would be the point in change? Well, life is not a steady stream of contentment even if you are living your dream.

Hard times and challenges will surface. It’s these times that test your ability to create something new with the ingredients you’re made of. Change is inevitable and change is evolution. It’s energy and effort pushed and pulled through us that welcome change. These moments are brought by change in order to progress. The decision of progression is left to you.

Give Me Time

Give me time. I feel like it’s flying —

on autopilot.

Just needing to take direction.

Life habits need correcting 


It’s not that I’m blind

but tunnel vision isn’t wide.

Based on more than one decision. 

We’re all playing the game of LIFE like it needs no provision.

It’s good to have a vision

but submission is final.

It needs to be proficient. 

Time only moves ahead.

But expansion is exploding in my head

Explanation is meant to be said 

Trying leaves direction perplexing.

The Grand Multiplex

More left to decide — to chance.

I try 

but I need time. 

I just need your time. Look this way.

It’s easier to demand attention every other day

then to stay.

I need more time 

to convince my need for you.

I see you in dreams but somehow I always bleed through.

Give me time to prove It’s all done for you.

I’m here but only in time.


Time is relative. irrelevant. 

There’s no us if there’s no time spent.

Here I wait but time’s only distant — 


We’re out of substance unable to reset.

These are the times we’re never supposed to forget. 

These moments are vanishing. 

At times, I wonder 

if I never knew you when I was younger

would you even care about me?

Or is reality 

that I’m just a piece of you 

lost in memory. 

“Us” is just a theory. 

A dream you still relive to see.

Something to come back to once you reach 

for all that’s left. 

I’m left.

I’m left over.

over and over.

I need time. Your time. Is that too much?

Holding on the thought of you, to the hope of one day.

Hope you stay.

I need more time.

How to convince I need you.

I see you in my dreams but You always see right through me.

It’s time to prove your here or you’ll lose me.

Always been here but it’s a matter of time.

First taste of Love.

The rain — so cold. Numbs my pain.                                                                            Gone away. I always knew you would leave.                                                                     It gave me time to grieve.

We started out friends — the way it typically begins.                                               Good intentions misunderstood.                                                                                           I just wanted you to smile. Was I was in denial?

When I wasn’t around, you were different.  A colorless life you were living.          Your smile was bare and you started to compare — our own world.                     Blind to other’s hurt.

Dangerously intoxicated — a slow pull closer. I could feel you not touch.    Magnetic energy surrounded you — I felt a rush.                                             Confused. Never discussed.

You watched me eat soup. I looked and laughed.                                                              I didn’t know she would be mad.                                                                                    Soup — the effects it had.

Snapped. You could take no more. Left her. Closed the door.                                   About it, we never spoke. I didn’t know you chose to go.

Until you came to me. It was hard to believe.                                                                My dreams breathed in front of me.

Was this love? Our souls did touched.                                                                            But close to you was not enough.                                                                                       For you, it was.

Once done with school we knew we wanted different things.                                When life begins you search within.                                                                                 He did always know I needed room to grow.

He set me free to see me happy.                                                                                           It was his wish but I wished it was me not understanding his reasoning.

But now? Did you even love me?                                                                                  Years of uncertainty — not sure how to leave me.                                                        But each time you did.

Should have known we’d end again.                                                                              Cold and painful — the opposite from our intent.

We couldn’t let go. You know my soul.                                                                           The sole one. Life’s painful pun.                                                                                    Each painful goodbye drives our misguided lives back each time.