A true connection is precious. Stay true.


Life is Cycles

Life is cycles — various and intertwining. Hang-ups create cycles, until dealt with, you ride. They can run smoothly or hit each other along the way. They continue, end and start over. You create your destiny by dealing or not dealing with yourself.

Your destiny is worth the attention.

  1. Pay attention to your surroundings. Are you uncomfortable with the decision you make? Can you envision an ideal place of comfort?
  2. Pay attention to your actions. Are you doing what compels you/ propels you? Or simply what everyone else is doing, because they are doing it.
  3. Pay attention to your words. Words speak loudly and harshly sometimes. But words also have the power to speak to a person’s heart. The breath from a spoken word has the potential to breathe life. Sometimes, a whisper to a friend is more powerful than a clap for comfort.

Find the patterns in your hang-ups to adjust them. Find what piece of you needs attention. And, if your words can speak power, God’s words can move mountains. Have faith in God’s perfect plan and timing.



Who do you Identify with?

Christ vs the world




Because God gives the power to choose, your worldly body generates a perspective based on experiences, fears, etc. And we identify ourselves through these perspectives. This can put you in a box of mirrors, trapping yourself inside a self-absorbed world, only seeing through your perspective. When you see through one perspective, you’ll see fire. You’ll see your strengths as weaknesses. You’ll see doubt where you should be bold, confident. You’ll see the things that hold you back. Until you seek God, you will not see.
Perspective is everything. You can’t believe you’re a failure. You can’t dwell on past circumstances or mistakes. Your body will wire itself into escape mode. You’ll run from the past and live in the future. Instead, live in the present and move towards the future.

Yes, there is pain in this world. Sometimes, there’s going to be uncontrollable circumstances. Use these opportunities to work on yourself. Sometimes, you need them to make you stronger or it could be God’s way to forcing you back towards your purpose. It’s not a matter of knowing your role in the world; it’s a matter of accepting it. Accept it and it becomes clear.

But, God has an unfathomable purpose for every single person. Your purpose is not intended to be seen through your perspective; but instead, God’s. God sees all; therefore has the power to reveal the perspective of others. That’s why Jesus teaches about compassion and empathy. How else are we to see someone else’s perspective. (Philippians 2:1-3, Colossians 3:12)



People get so caught up in finding themselves, it becomes a life pursuance. God says, “. . . seek, and ye. shall find.” (Matthew 7:7). Before conception or birth, God put a calling on your life. Through God’s perspective, it’s revealed.

So what is it? Where do I belong? Where do I go from here? How can I live in this world but identify myself not of it? The answer is: You belong exactly where you’re at right now — at this very moment and every moment. So it’s not a question of “where do I belong?”; it’s a question of “What’s my purpose, God?” And “How do I help others find their purpose?” Life is never just an inward journey. It’s always an inward journey for an outer purpose. Seek to see.
Pursue with Confidence
Confidence is key. (Philippians 1:6) Your identity was given to you. And when you don’t have to search for it in the world, it becomes clear. When you find peace in his promise, it gives you room to discover.

Pursue with Faith
Faith gives calm confidence. If you have confidence then there’s nothing you can’t do, especially if it’s what you’re created to do. (Hebrews 11:1)

God doesn’t want us to be confused. He doesn’t want us to have identity issues. He knows who we are and knew us before our parents even knew each other. He can see all. Just look and he will show you. It’s that simple. Be bold, apply faith and seek.



If you’re trying to find your identity in the world, you are leaving your purpose in the hands of the enemy.
— Someone who doesn’t want you to succeed or be confident.
— Someone who puts fears and doubts in your head.
— Someone who doesn’t want you to know your purpose.

Every time you feel close to a breakthrough, he will pull you back — hard. And he will throw every obstacle at you. And you’ll be unaware of him steering you away from your purpose because your focus will be on those trials and tribulations. It won’t be on what he’s preventing you from achieving. (excerpt example/or personal testimony) (I had three separate prophesies over my life saying I would write. Now, I’ve written my whole life since the age of 10; and yet, I still failed to realize it was my purpose. I didn’t understand God’s purpose for me. Never did it occur to me even though I had it spoken into my life multiple times.)

How do you identify with yourself? Do you separate yourself from others? Do they separate you from them? Are you put into a category or labeled? Do you identify others as a category or label? (Well, he plays in the band so he’s not cool)

Labels can be empowering. (I am God’s warrior. I am confident, persistent.) They can also be detrimental. (I am not strong enough. I am misunderstood. I do not belong.) Ultimately, they do not define you.

How can a creation from God be just a label? If a bully at school calls you names, do you accept them? If so, you are letting someone else’s perspective and fears define you. You are exchanging confidence for doubt because of someone else’s personal doubts.

The world divides and put things into place but this is not God’s purpose. God doesn’t define identity by a label or category because a person is so much more. A each person is so unique, it’s impossible to categorize them. Their purpose is not standard — is not common. People are common by their human and worldly aspects, not their spiritual aspects. (Romans 8:28, 2 Timothy 1:9)

Question through a higher Perspective

Why is this happening? Why do people not understand me? Why me?

Being human means being self-absorbed sometimes. We all fall victim to taking things personally. It’s human nature to reflect about circumstances and actions of people on a personal level. But this goes against you because human nature goes against God’s nature. It’s just the ego speaking lies to you.

Yes, circumstances come into your life for reasons. But reasons are not within details or people. Reasons are self improvement. This is confusing through a world perspective. It may look exact opposite — self-involved. But the difference is key. The difference is HOW it’s looked at and not why. If we pray for a glimpse of God’s perspective, it becomes clear. Eyes focus on a bigger picture.

A situation taken personally can drive a person crazy — why does this person not like you or why do they not understand you.  All the while, circumstances revolving you, only manifested for you. They are for self reflection in order to grow and move in the direction God is leading you. And God leaves nothing to waste. The same situation is also for that other person, for reason of their own.

Love and be loved. This needs focus. If we are looking at why a person does something then we are looking at it wrong. It doesn’t matter why. The answer is obvious —  because something needs to be worked out. Therefore, instead of ridicule or self-doubt, we need to strive for compassion and love no matter what.

It’s human nature to see the world against you. But it’s far from it. The world is for you and you are for it. Until our eyes focus on the world’s entirety, we cannot begin to better it. Anything and anyone who inhabits it is to be loved by you.

1 Samuel 16:7 ESV But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

Ephesians 4:2-3 ESV With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

The Seam between the Horizon

Unresolved conflict.

Internal residue of a once free-flowing river.

Now clogged, stagnant and stale.

Speaks lies to you.

Sends you places —

misfit and misguided.

You ask why you’re always the victim.

You can’t deny,

life’s thrown you down.


in the stale sea of feelings, swirling around

with every movement — mix together.

There’s no escape.

Struggling, as your chin bobs,

trying not to go under, you look up.

The sky, a vibrant and beautiful wonder.

Such a peaceful sight

despite your troubles.

Bubbles in your mouth as you blow,

breathe in and choke.

Your eyes close.

Momentarily, you lose sight.

But your eyes open again

to a glimpse of Heaven’s light

The seam between the horizon —

a peek beyond it.

A diminishing moment.

Turns dusk, turns night.

You feel alone.

You could let the darkness consume you.

But you don’t.

That moment of light,

the end of a tunnel — so bright,

exposed your soul.

Possibilities, dreams, hope.

Darkness is always broken by light.

You fight.

Tread water

until a little sliver,

waves of glimmer,

reach the shore and your eyes.



Up and out

onto land that’s dry.

Feet firm but ready to fly.

Free Flow: Let it Go.

Sat back and let it rap.

Thoughts stashed.

My flow breaks glass.

Rising to be independently presented

as a metaphor for the risen.

I’ve made a point to present it

with purpose pure and pleasant.


Sent away by mal-intent.

Casted away from Misunderstanding —


I had no chance. My life stirred in resentment.


How could it be?

Seeking more, I flee

from all those who could never interpret me,

see me as a threat,

or once used me so I could never forget

pain from the doubt I once had.

Not for them but for myself.


I thought I was worthless.

So I did things knowing I’d regret.

Vision blurry — so unfocused.

Can’t remember because I went unnoticed.

At least to me. So desperately

wanted to be free.

From this body —

Scrape this cracked skin off of me.

Bleed onto the floor.

No perimeter — free.


Shake this false sense of security.

Break boundaries farther than any eye can see —


Free from identity,

labels and category.

Not defined by others but self proclamation

State and claim

a revelation.

15 Qualities that make YOU a True Leader

To be a True leader:

  •  Lead for a cause. People follow someone with a vision.
  • Be someone who stands for truth; it sets you free. The truth is the most powerful guide.
  • Have a calming presence. When people feel relaxed around you, they are more likely to respond or connect with your intentions and vision.
  • Keep positive energy! It’s a higher energy that will help you stay driven and inspired!
  • Have an open mind. Having your mind open to new things/experiences will allow you to learn and experience more.
  • Communication and understanding. Do Not Assume. Don’t be afraid to ask and to learn.
  • Be yourself. You are selling yourself for a greater good so it is shared in a positive way. People who seek you are people who are interested in a common goal. This will be a great relationship; or at the very least, you’ll learn some new things.
  • Have good humor. Be easy to approach and easy to trust. (If you are genuine in your interest and character, people will be more likely to be on your side. Be on each other’s side.)
  • Collective thought and effort. Understand, it takes more than one person to create something wonderful. Be sure to find a good team. Trust them to have your vision and goals. Find people who are for your cause or support your cause.
  • Benefit from each other — don’t just benefit for yourself. Unless, it is what is for the best for the larger picture. Oftentimes, people forget that we are equally important. No one was born greater than the other. That is an understanding of this world.
  • Decision making. Going with gut feelings.
  • Confidence in every decision and reason. There is no promise that your vision will come true. It’s about trusting yourself. Have confidence that you’re being guided by the truth.
  • Flexibility. Have opportunities for trial and error. Room for margin to expand so you can grow.
  • Productivity. Being able to produce quality results consistently is what keeps your vision expanding.
  • Empathy. Listening to your body. There is no visible guideline for your vision. Sometimes, there will be decisions made by listening to your body (conscious, heart, gut, ext.) and you will have to decode them to use as productive tools.

Being a true leader is doing the best you can with what is provided, for something that inspires you.