Who do you Identify with?

Christ vs the world




Because God gives the power to choose, your worldly body generates a perspective based on experiences, fears, etc. And we identify ourselves through these perspectives. This can put you in a box of mirrors, trapping yourself inside a self-absorbed world, only seeing through your perspective. When you see through one perspective, you’ll see fire. You’ll see your strengths as weaknesses. You’ll see doubt where you should be bold, confident. You’ll see the things that hold you back. Until you seek God, you will not see.
Perspective is everything. You can’t believe you’re a failure. You can’t dwell on past circumstances or mistakes. Your body will wire itself into escape mode. You’ll run from the past and live in the future. Instead, live in the present and move towards the future.

Yes, there is pain in this world. Sometimes, there’s going to be uncontrollable circumstances. Use these opportunities to work on yourself. Sometimes, you need them to make you stronger or it could be God’s way to forcing you back towards your purpose. It’s not a matter of knowing your role in the world; it’s a matter of accepting it. Accept it and it becomes clear.

But, God has an unfathomable purpose for every single person. Your purpose is not intended to be seen through your perspective; but instead, God’s. God sees all; therefore has the power to reveal the perspective of others. That’s why Jesus teaches about compassion and empathy. How else are we to see someone else’s perspective. (Philippians 2:1-3, Colossians 3:12)



People get so caught up in finding themselves, it becomes a life pursuance. God says, “. . . seek, and ye. shall find.” (Matthew 7:7). Before conception or birth, God put a calling on your life. Through God’s perspective, it’s revealed.

So what is it? Where do I belong? Where do I go from here? How can I live in this world but identify myself not of it? The answer is: You belong exactly where you’re at right now — at this very moment and every moment. So it’s not a question of “where do I belong?”; it’s a question of “What’s my purpose, God?” And “How do I help others find their purpose?” Life is never just an inward journey. It’s always an inward journey for an outer purpose. Seek to see.
Pursue with Confidence
Confidence is key. (Philippians 1:6) Your identity was given to you. And when you don’t have to search for it in the world, it becomes clear. When you find peace in his promise, it gives you room to discover.

Pursue with Faith
Faith gives calm confidence. If you have confidence then there’s nothing you can’t do, especially if it’s what you’re created to do. (Hebrews 11:1)

God doesn’t want us to be confused. He doesn’t want us to have identity issues. He knows who we are and knew us before our parents even knew each other. He can see all. Just look and he will show you. It’s that simple. Be bold, apply faith and seek.



If you’re trying to find your identity in the world, you are leaving your purpose in the hands of the enemy.
— Someone who doesn’t want you to succeed or be confident.
— Someone who puts fears and doubts in your head.
— Someone who doesn’t want you to know your purpose.

Every time you feel close to a breakthrough, he will pull you back — hard. And he will throw every obstacle at you. And you’ll be unaware of him steering you away from your purpose because your focus will be on those trials and tribulations. It won’t be on what he’s preventing you from achieving. (excerpt example/or personal testimony) (I had three separate prophesies over my life saying I would write. Now, I’ve written my whole life since the age of 10; and yet, I still failed to realize it was my purpose. I didn’t understand God’s purpose for me. Never did it occur to me even though I had it spoken into my life multiple times.)

How do you identify with yourself? Do you separate yourself from others? Do they separate you from them? Are you put into a category or labeled? Do you identify others as a category or label? (Well, he plays in the band so he’s not cool)

Labels can be empowering. (I am God’s warrior. I am confident, persistent.) They can also be detrimental. (I am not strong enough. I am misunderstood. I do not belong.) Ultimately, they do not define you.

How can a creation from God be just a label? If a bully at school calls you names, do you accept them? If so, you are letting someone else’s perspective and fears define you. You are exchanging confidence for doubt because of someone else’s personal doubts.

The world divides and put things into place but this is not God’s purpose. God doesn’t define identity by a label or category because a person is so much more. A each person is so unique, it’s impossible to categorize them. Their purpose is not standard — is not common. People are common by their human and worldly aspects, not their spiritual aspects. (Romans 8:28, 2 Timothy 1:9)


Question through a higher Perspective

Why is this happening? Why do people not understand me? Why me?

Being human means being self-absorbed sometimes. We all fall victim to taking things personally. It’s human nature to reflect about circumstances and actions of people on a personal level. But this goes against you because human nature goes against God’s nature. It’s just the ego speaking lies to you.

Yes, circumstances come into your life for reasons. But reasons are not within details or people. Reasons are self improvement. This is confusing through a world perspective. It may look exact opposite — self-involved. But the difference is key. The difference is HOW it’s looked at and not why. If we pray for a glimpse of God’s perspective, it becomes clear. Eyes focus on a bigger picture.

A situation taken personally can drive a person crazy — why does this person not like you or why do they not understand you.  All the while, circumstances revolving you, only manifested for you. They are for self reflection in order to grow and move in the direction God is leading you. And God leaves nothing to waste. The same situation is also for that other person, for reason of their own.

Love and be loved. This needs focus. If we are looking at why a person does something then we are looking at it wrong. It doesn’t matter why. The answer is obvious —  because something needs to be worked out. Therefore, instead of ridicule or self-doubt, we need to strive for compassion and love no matter what.

It’s human nature to see the world against you. But it’s far from it. The world is for you and you are for it. Until our eyes focus on the world’s entirety, we cannot begin to better it. Anything and anyone who inhabits it is to be loved by you.

1 Samuel 16:7 ESV But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

Ephesians 4:2-3 ESV With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

ReFLEXion: Find Time To Shine

Your uniqueness is the very glitter of a fleck of flint. Each fleck, collaborative in forming something useful to catch fire. Each fleck, looks the same — small and insignificant, like they are one. But, the very essence of what makes them unique creates friction and spits fire, just slightly enough to sparkle. But that is enough to

Unknown-2ignite the whole area. It’s beauty, together, create breathtaking awe, in the simplicity of wonder — God’s wonder.

God’s wonder-ful. Wonderful-ly exclusive, elusive. Only those who believe, receive the truthful perception — an all-consuming direction. It’s not a straight path to a destination. Not limiting but liberating. Free, not fate but destiny. His atmosphere is the fuel we need to succeed. Purpose. Perplexing, when seen only through eyes. Read between the lines, the senses, have faith, and grab at the confusion. Only then, it’s not an illusion.

Breathe in and open your eyes.


HAPPY SUNDAY: Wash me Clean

He sees the truth that lies in your depths, disguised — even from you.

He sees, you are free.

From the fear of resentment or blemish.

From the fear of tasty temptations.

From the fear of unforgiving, pessimistic intolerance —

Little – minded eyes designed to blind.

The truth. pushing you farther away from you.

God’s own design.


Say, “I’m embraced in grace. Wrapped, Encased. Fears are chased.

Truth is within. I know where to begin. My eyes set on Him.

Only then, I can win!

I am sin and His water, a fountain.

Rushes again and again over me.

I am made clean.”


Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Corinthians 5:17

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

In that day a fountain will be opened for the house of David and for the inhabitants of Jerusalem, for sin and for impurity. Zechariah 13:1

Hand-in-Hand, We Stand

The power to shape a multitude of minds needs to go to the hands of the Almighty and his followers. It’s time to stand up and shout the truth. We are all among the same. And we all want one thing — to love and be loved. As long as each of us represent love as our embodiment, we are protected by God.


If we were to all join hands, with this same goal, we could all reach our potential. Don’t leave it to fate, the sneaking hand that wipes a shadow through your lighted path, to decide. And, don’t leave it to your choices — we make mistakes. We are man and imperfect.
Fate and destiny are two separate things. 


Fate becomes reality when someone else interferes. Your life was not “destined” to be that way; but, because someone decide to swing so off course, he momentarily landed in your “light to guide your path,” you hit a piece of their problem. If you were soaring right along heading in the highway because you were on track, well, sometimes it’s a fatal crash. A tragic loss.
Destiny is where you are heading. You have a lighted, narrow path waiting to lead you to your destiny; but, you have to find it. In order to find it, you must look. This path has plenty of branches that rub or occasionally hit you. Do not turn away from this path; because eventually, it finds the higher road that sees the sun every day.
Choices are Our Paths
There are times we must all face choices — some are easy, some are hard. Sometimes, the lesson has to be learned the hard way. Choices are paths; they determine how long it will take to get somewhere. Sometimes, they block things from ever occurring. But by our choices, we become who we are in the present. This moment was made by those choices so we should see our mistakes and pick the positive out of them. It will be tools to help you along the repaired road — because God always gives us another chance.
He nurtures you so that you may grow. He prunes you so that you may produce. But he also gives you a passion to use as a channel to reach your highest.

HAPPY SUNDAY: My God will meet all our needs. . .1Philippians 4:19

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. 1Philippians 4:19

Two years ago, upon graduating college, my life came to a halt. My college life contained fragments of separate lives (part-time jobs, projects, friends from classes and work and college groups, activities, sports functions) all rolled into one consistently fast-paced and ever-changing evolution of life. But, after graduating, I found myself looped in drawn out days — unfocused and panic-filled — wondering, by now, if I should have a clue as to where my life was heading.

A few months after graduating, I was staring ahead at a full life but could not see where it was heading. I just started a 6-month training program for a full-time position at a reliable company. It wasn’t a dream job; but, after college, desperate for financial freedom, I found the first available job and held on to the idea that the job didn’t make the man. I needed money and once I had it, it would give me the independence and freedom I craved.

But just as I was about to settle down with the idea of settling, my husband and I found our family of two would soon be three. It was not planned and our financial goal did not factor in a child. My immediate instinct was to quit training and create a budget with one (his) income. But how could that be possible? So long, vacation in the mountains. Bye-bye cute maternity pictures and outfits.

It was such a scary idea, not to have a career, when my entire focus throughout college was to find what I was to do with my life. Thousands of dollars and 5 years later, I got the answer: a stay-at-home mom.

Never did I think, I was going to be penny-pinching and jobless. My dream was to be known, be a success, be someone admirable and accomplished, independent and sufficient. None of which I could see myself accomplishing without a job.

Those next few months of sitting and waiting snowballed into panicked anticipation. I started to second guess my decision as I watched our money dwindle down to almost nothing before our son was even born. Not to mention, I was becoming frazzled with the idea that my identity was wiped to nothing but “mother”. I was empty and felt lost. I didn’t understand why God wanted me to do this when my entire life was filled with dreams of places I wanted to see and people I wanted to become.

I continued to trust in God and my decision to do what was best for my family, instead of what was best for myself. I had no idea that this decision was what was best for myself. Months later, as a mother, I began to see my life transform. God changed me from the inside out and forced me to look at myself for who I was, not who I wanted to be.

Later, as an adult, my mother told me I had been prophesied over when I was a child as someone who would bring forth his word as a writer. Realizing, by going back to my roots, that writing is my calling I began to strategically plan my career. In doing so, I would be able to remain a stay-at-home mom. I started to see my life before me so clearly.

Since then, my husband has gotten an abundant amount of overtime and, in the mist of our economic slump, while seeing others lose their job or getting hours cut back, God has blessed us with a raise! We have remained debt-free and blessed with everything we’ve wanted or needed within reasonable means.

God has a plan for our lives before we understand it. I am so thankful I listened to him because I would have never found my path in the work force. I would have missed the opportunity to raise my amazing son, I would have missed the opportunity to find my true identity and I would have missed my opportunity for God to bless my family.

I can only imagine where He will take my family. I know one thing, I will listen to find out.

ReFLEXion: Spirituality and Mankind

Spirituality was here before written word. It will be here long after us. I believe in the evolution of man’s progression. Not just of intelligence but in history itself. A man is more than his memories. He has been imprinted on this Earth long before his mother imagined him.

God makes man’s potential a choice. In order to reach his purpose, he must always reach. If you resist change, you will resist God’s image. His vision will be clouded over by followers that benefit from his authority. Always listen to yourself because he lives in you! Listen to your heart. Your destiny and mankind depends upon it.