Life is Cycles

Life is cycles — various and intertwining. Hang-ups create cycles, until dealt with, you ride. They can run smoothly or hit each other along the way. They continue, end and start over. You create your destiny by dealing or not dealing with yourself.

Your destiny is worth the attention.

  1. Pay attention to your surroundings. Are you uncomfortable with the decision you make? Can you envision an ideal place of comfort?
  2. Pay attention to your actions. Are you doing what compels you/ propels you? Or simply what everyone else is doing, because they are doing it.
  3. Pay attention to your words. Words speak loudly and harshly sometimes. But words also have the power to speak to a person’s heart. The breath from a spoken word has the potential to breathe life. Sometimes, a whisper to a friend is more powerful than a clap for comfort.

Find the patterns in your hang-ups to adjust them. Find what piece of you needs attention. And, if your words can speak power, God’s words can move mountains. Have faith in God’s perfect plan and timing.




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