Confession: maybe three people genuinely know me. It’s my greatest fear — to open up. (My body literally shuts off around people)

This makes me sad.

I’ve let my past determine my present and alter my future for too long. Being told I was evil, the devil, weird, socially awkward, different ext my entire childhood made me believe those things for so long. God gave me the strength to overcome those things so it’s time I honor Him by showing the world I don’t believe those things. 

In 2017 I am making a conscious effort to show my true self despite my past rejection. After all, my childhood rejection from siblings and peers were just the circumstances in my life I had to face and overcome. I am greatly appreciative for them. They molded me into the writer and adult I am today.

I’m making this confession on here as a declaration to be more open on my page and blog. In order to grow professionally, I need to make the effort. I love everyone but my actions to not speak this. I need to actively love you all! I hope you all understand how hard this is for me and encourage me through this barrier of fear.

We all have fears and I would love nothing more than to push through them together. I encourage you to tell me your biggest fear and let the act of courage break the ice wall that has been holding you back!

May this coming new year bring many positive changes in all your lives! Sending peace and love to you all!



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