ReFLEXion: Moment of Silence

In the moments of silence for humankind, the power, in its brevity, can raise a multitude. Heaviness fills the lungs for all who look at the crowd. Swimming in a sea of eyes — strokes of different colors. They all meld, as you drift in the current, feeling the waves of emotions. Some eyes are recognized, but most are only familiar by the expression of disbelief and confusion, all searching for something. In the gathering, it’s found. Familiarity — comfort. The moment lingers as your eyes close. Head drops, but you’re lifted up. Eyes shut, but your feet no longer touch. Wrapped in oneness, you feel the heart beat of each body — a unified pulse of sorrow and submission, of peace and love. Guided from above. For that moment there is no understanding, no logical thought being comprehended, but a feeling. A consuming, bittersweet atmosphere that sweeps you up and seep inside, grows, and slides down your eyes.


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