ReFLEXion: How will you be Remembered?

How will you be remembered? — For the ones shaped around what you leave behind. For the ones who desperately cling to something to hold onto.

Who will remember you? Being remembered only matters to them; because, when you are gone, you exist no more on Earth. When your journey is complete, you are only a memory — distant and blowing in the wind — the whispers of sweet and touching times. They matter greatly to those still on Earth; but, for you, existing has a whole new meaning.

How do you want to be remembered? Not for the legacy, but for the others who continue on this earth. It’s okay to be forgotten. Don’t be afraid of life’s ambiguity. If you seek to be immortalized, none will have really known you.

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11 thoughts on “ReFLEXion: How will you be Remembered?

  1. If memories of me were to be a cause of emotional anguish for people, I would prefer to be forgotten.

    But if thinking of me brings a smile to someone’s face, then the intentions I carried when interacting with those people in my life continues beyond me.

    And if anyone celebrates when I die, dancing on my grave, I will be out there somewhere, glad that something I did finally had a positive affect on that person. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful question to consider!

    Our journey through life, if we are fortunate, will create many different kinds of memories, while we live as “a spiritual being having human experiences,” as Chardin so astutely observed. While we are able, and also have the opportunity to do so, we can also contribute to the creation of memories for others, by fully participating in the process of becoming who WE are in each new moment as it arrives. It is a noble pursuit to create positive, joyful, and uplifting memories for ourselves and for others, and when possible, to mitigate the negative, sorrowful, and troublesome experiences of those whose paths cross with ours.

    Every one of our words, thoughts, and deeds in this life are only a reflection of who we truly are, and while we admire many of the great “movers and shakers” throughout human history, many of whom are remembered in museums, memorials, monuments, and in historical records, the truly important contributions that make the most difference in the world are the ones we make while we live.

    The greatest tribute anyone can hope for is not to be remembered with a statue in the center of the town in which we lived, or with a monument to the memory of our accomplishments, but rather, for memories of our love for others, to be carried forward in the hearts of those we loved, as a living testimony to the love we shared with them. Like the ripples in the still water when we cast a stone into the lake at dawn, our love will radiate out into time and it shall not perish when we leave this life.

    I remember fondly, many loved ones and friends who have left this life, and while the memories of time and love shared with them are precious, each of them, in their own unique way, live on inside of me, and are a vital part of me in this very moment now. If I can be a vital part of those who “continue on this earth,” once I no longer do continue, that will be enough.

    Warm regards….John H.

    1. John, so beautifully said. Your words speak so much truth. Life lives on; and, if in some way, we can contribute to our future only through the generation of love and memories, our lives were meaningful.

      I hope you are well. Your soul is beautiful! Keep in touch and keep shining!!

      good vibes, Becca

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