Lafayette Strong

This is beautifully written about two beautiful souls tragically torn from us. Mayci was my cousin and she will be greatly missed. Both had a tremendous influence on so many during their shortened lives; it only seems appropriate that they have an impact from their death. Let their love live on. And continue to pray for the families. #Lafayettestrong #livelovelaf


imagePouring through article after article I cannot find solace. I wanted to write my own article and I’m not even sure why. Maybe I’m writing this to help myself process it all better. Maybe I’m writing this just so that I can look back and remember this exact moment. I’m not sure. It’s gotten to the point where all my emotions are masked by something stronger… A sense of bewilderment. I’ve felt complete and utter despair. I’ve felt rage towards the ignorance and evil that has made itself known. I’ve felt fear and panic during the hours when things were still up in air. I’ve even felt my blood boiling towards my own peers that are seemingly ok. Typically these emotions would be very powerful, but the sense of shock keeps watering them down.

Last Thursday, July 23rd, tragedy struck my little city. The security blanket that Lafayette had been…

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