Flying to Your Higher Self: (PART 4 OF 4) — The Path of Creation’s Destiny


This series is broken into four parts. Each one a step toward flying to your higher self. I say steps because it’s a gradual progression at an upward slope leading to your highest potential. It takes time. A lifestyle pursuance is always beneficial, because the ingredients are added every so often as it bakes.

Put your walking shoes on because this journey is life changing.  But, with all things worth discovering, you have to seek it. We might as well find the roads easiest and more pleasantly traveled. images111Flying to Your Higher Self: Part Four — The Path of Creation’s Destiny

Creation’s destiny can only be sought by people who believe in a creator of this physical world. You can think of it as invisible road signs only shown to those who believe in them. You can think of it as the light, shown on a path, hidden by darkness.


This is beyond the masses; but, if full potential is reached, it could help balance your life.

– If you are done with impulsiveness stemmed from selfishness. Something you believe in to pursue. If you want to find purpose and meaning.

– If you seek empathy for others and yourself. If you seek both knowledge and understanding. If you seek with hope and not expectation.

– If you want to live a functional and satisfying life. If you want to actively pursue your dreams by including others and allowing others to help you as well as benefit from you.

– If you want happiness. Happiness that only comes from within. It that be replicated by anything else only because other highs are always fleeting. This will last until you turn cold.


Passion with purpose can always lead you to your true calling. Its whisper is so slight, only one contently listening can hear its direction. Your dream is found when you follow your passion and listen within as your guide to direct you where to go. Your dreams are set in motion if you decide to pursue them: Only when you are the person you are meant to be can you fully fly higher then your ever dreamed.  You can only be that person if you believe.



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