Flying to Your Higher Self: (PART 3 OF 4) — The Path for a Leader


This series is broken into four parts. Each, a step toward flying to your higher self. It’s a gradual progression at an upward slope leading to your highest potential. It takes time. A lifestyle pursuance is always beneficial, because the ingredients are added every so often as it bakes.

Put your walking shoes on because this journey is life changing.  But, with all things worth discovering, you have to seek it. We might as well find the roads easiest and more pleasantly traveled.


Flying to Your Higher Self: Part three — The Path for a Leader

Few are BORN leaders but almost everyone possesses the capability to become one, as long as the goal is to lead yourself. The path taken to lead could turn people away. The misconception here is it turns people away because they aren’t meant to lead. This is simply not true. It’s about choice — go down the path or turn onto another one.



To Lead, You Must First Follow

Follow others with the same goals or vision. They will follow yours as well. A collective group that follow for the same reasons create a cohesive mass. A cohesive mass is multiplied in strength.

Lead with what you follow — your passion.

Most importantly, follow your heart. As long as you are the leader of your heart, you will always seek wisdom from your mind, body, and soul — whether it be in a spiritual aspect or in your physical life.



Lead with Confidence

Everyone becomes weighed down from lies spoken on their life. Confidence lifts the doubts that convince your mind you lack capabilities.


The truth is: EVERYONE is capable of something. Everyone is capable of finding their purpose. And, with their purpose, comes their meaning.

Confidence is the core of a leader. A confident person is more capable of making decisions, even if it is just about oneself. All decisions and choices are important.


Confidence can be hard to maintain but that is why it is something crucial to practice. No matter your childhood, impressions of the world, what others have inflicted onto your life, IT IS TIME to feel confident.


With this confidence, you hold the potential to take your passion farther. And, because you aren’t afraid to bring people along, you hold the strength to reach far beyond what you could have ever imagined possible.


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