Flying to Your Higher Self: (PART 2 OF 4) — The Path of Empathy


This series is broken into four parts. Each, a step toward flying to your higher self. It’s a gradual progression at an upward slope leading to your highest potential. It takes time. A lifestyle pursuance is always beneficial, because the ingredients are added every so often as it bakes.

Put your walking shoes on because this journey is life changing.  But, with all things worth discovering, you have to seek it. We might as well find the roads easiest and more pleasantly traveled.


Flying to Your Higher Self: Part two — The Path of Empathy

Learning Your Surroundings

“The Path of an Empath” is the realization and empathy of your surroundings. It is the second active step in “Flying to Tour Higher Self.”


It is understanding yourself by focusing on understanding others. Learning about others gives you a perspective on your life. It shows you where you want to be and also where you don’t want to be. If your anything like me, you learn through the painful endings of things you were invested in. But you always learn.

Dead end. Redirection.

This path is about making an effort to always seek the higher road. It is the only way to get to your higher self — one road at a time.

Never stop the pursuance, even when you feel it didn’t lead anywhere. Remember, it is just one piece of the entire picture. Ones of which, we could never begin to understand even with the capability of predictability. Sometimes, there will be times when things happen going against everything, at the time, you stand for. Always know, it is how you grow stronger.



Emotional Intelligence

An empathic person practices their emotional intelligence. It’s not the scientific imagesapproach, but more about listening to your mind, body and soul. Many believe, most importantly, listening to a higher-being (God).


Not everyone is an empath by nature. However, we all possess the capability to be empathetic, simply by doing our best for what we love.

Empathic people have the power to become great things. But, that is why it is important to find a passion in something that is truly GOOD. You have the power to change the world, so you believe. But deep down, you know simply by pursuing a dream, any change along the way is your purpose. A reassurance — you’ve found your passion with purpose. 😉



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