Flying to Your Higher Self: (PART 1 OF 4) — The Path of Passion


This series is broken into four parts. Each, a step toward flying to your higher self. It’s a gradual progression at an upward slope leading to your highest potential. It takes time. A lifestyle pursuance is always beneficial, because the ingredients are added every so often as it bakes.

Put your walking shoes on because this journey is life changing.  But, with all things worth discovering, you have to seek it. We might as well find the roads easiest and more pleasantly traveled.


Flying to Your Higher Self: Part One — The Path of Passion

Passion as Impulse 

The path of passion is not necessarily a path you seek to find your highest potential.


If you reach a road sign labeled PASSION but don’t have a clear destination in mind, your body will search though damaging pursuits. It becomes the path we follow as a desperate attempt to come out of innocence in how we see Man, the world, and beyond.

The path of passion cuts deepest for the young. It’s behavior based on feelings with  lack of understanding the purpose. We want to hold on to the moments. But, like sand, incapable of capturing them, only for it all to slip through your hand.

These fleeting moments are created to jolt us in search of who we are meant to be. Passion is a privilege. I am thankful for the opportunities to be young and passionate.



Passion with Purpose 

Passion is a path reintroduced ONCE you’ve discovered yourself. It can be a path, if taken again, that leads to the pursuance of you dreams.


Passion has purpose. Passion IS your purpose. It is the friction, sparked from ash, that finds your fuel. It ignites and keeps the fire burning. And, in time, leads your life to passion with purpose.

Finding what you are passionate about and pursuing it is the first step towards finding your “Higher Self.”



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