The Deepest Pain

The deepest pain is the unnatural — pain from problems of man. Problems of a selfish and lonely man — Lost and desperate. He tried to get rid of the pain; but, despite his effort, inflicted more into this world.

How can such a man exist? Are there no reasonable options? Were there none to hear the whispers? So far from life he had to shout to be heard? So many questions. None of which matter. The only thing, at the moment, that shall resonate with me is the imbalance of it all.

Unnatural and painful is this tragedy. The tragedy of a man, lost. Choosing violence as his way out, opened fire in a dark theatre. An intimate and cozy moment between lovers torn a million ways. Pieces of soul and mind split apart by the shock of it all. Like a View Master Reel, first, an image of ordinary content. Then click, flashes and her limp body in his helpless hands.

Death does not inspire me with words but fill blank spaces with questions and confusion that can never be understood. Only God can show its meaning….in time.


3 thoughts on “The Deepest Pain

  1. Becca, so so sorry to hear this. We can’t fight violence, we need to be at peace, bring peace, create peaceful energy. So hard to do in the face of such unfathomable situations, but the only way to Remove Darkness is to Be Light. Sending you love, prayers, hugs and peace from the other side of the world, hoping it would make that tiny bit of difference. Take care.

    1. Could not agree more, Damyanti! I needed to hear those words so thank you for taking the time and telling me! I will learn to accept this and, in time, I will be stronger from this! Just keep praying and sending your peaceful energy toward us!

      Good vibes, Becca

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