The Seam between the Horizon

Unresolved conflict.

Internal residue of a once free-flowing river.

Now clogged, stagnant and stale.

Speaks lies to you.

Sends you places —

misfit and misguided.

You ask why you’re always the victim.

You can’t deny,

life’s thrown you down.


in the stale sea of feelings, swirling around

with every movement — mix together.

There’s no escape.

Struggling, as your chin bobs,

trying not to go under, you look up.

The sky, a vibrant and beautiful wonder.

Such a peaceful sight

despite your troubles.

Bubbles in your mouth as you blow,

breathe in and choke.

Your eyes close.

Momentarily, you lose sight.

But your eyes open again

to a glimpse of Heaven’s light

The seam between the horizon —

a peek beyond it.

A diminishing moment.

Turns dusk, turns night.

You feel alone.

You could let the darkness consume you.

But you don’t.

That moment of light,

the end of a tunnel — so bright,

exposed your soul.

Possibilities, dreams, hope.

Darkness is always broken by light.

You fight.

Tread water

until a little sliver,

waves of glimmer,

reach the shore and your eyes.



Up and out

onto land that’s dry.

Feet firm but ready to fly.


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