I’M BACK! — Not that you noticed I was gone ;)

I left for vacation a week ago and thought I was going to be able to post. When I arrived, it was unfortunate, I could not get WiFi anywhere! I threw my hands up and decided to not worry about it. I had to find a way to just enjoy my vacation without any distractions. Easier said than done.

I’ve learned several things since starting this blog. It takes practice, persistence, and patience.

1. I am learning as I go. Being a perfectionist, I criticize my actions harsher than necessary. I am constantly reminding myself that this is a learning process. The longer I keep at it, the better I will become.

2. There will be times where I can’t put the amount of effort I want/need into my blog. My goal is to grow. I cannot expect to grow without persistence. But sometimes, it is hard to be steadily persistent. It was hard for me to relax on vacation when the fear of losing momentum was in the back of my mind.

3. Building readers, followers, and supporters takes patience. Looking closely sometimes can be discouraging. But I can’t let fear of failure or of the future prevent me from pursuing. I just need to step back every so often and look at the picture farther away.

I cannot express how excited I am to be back. Although, I am sure, to most of you, it was unnoticeable. But, it gave me time for reflection and reassured my reasons for picking up right where I left off — learning who I am. And, family time is just as important as reflection.


19 thoughts on “I’M BACK! — Not that you noticed I was gone ;)

  1. I would recommend (sometimes slow) organic growth. I have found that the followers I’ve stumbled into have become friends and the community I am now a part of is wonderful. Maybe it’s not as large as I had once expected, but it provides many more rewards than seeing a large number in the sidebar.

  2. You may think that a post or all your posts go unnoticed but you never know the effect it can have on people and how they will integrate it into their lives. You cant judge the worth of a blog or post by the number of likes or comments. For me its about how I feel in the writing of the post and learning about new connections with interesting people. Oh and by the way thanks for liking my post! LOL!
    Cheers Kate

    1. It’s so true! I always have a sense of worth and happiness when I send a post out into the world. I know that if it touches even one person, it served its purpose. I have been enjoying meeting people and making connections. It has given me so much gratification and self-love — to find so many kindred spirits out in the world!

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