A Story Known Too Well

She saw him as confident and strong-willed. He knew they were different but it was the very reason he loved her. Despite his effort to stay away, he would always find his way back into her life. He knew she would easily let him back in. He took advantage of her love until she could not take the pain. He desperately tried to hang on but she wouldn’t budge. She loved him but it wasn’t enough.

He realized it was over. Still, at this discovery, it was the hardest goodbye. Full of life revelations. She finally saw him cry.

Bittersweet. Bitter from anxiety and sadness — a mixture of salty wetness. Sweet like the anticipation of a forbidden fruit.

The feeling of anticipation at the moment of release felt like butterflies fluttering inside. They reminded her that nothing stays the same — good things were coming. Finally opened her eyes. You have to let them go for butterflies to fly.


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