Free Flow: Let it Go.

Sat back and let it rap.

Thoughts stashed.

My flow breaks glass.

Rising to be independently presented

as a metaphor for the risen.

I’ve made a point to present it

with purpose pure and pleasant.


Sent away by mal-intent.

Casted away from Misunderstanding —


I had no chance. My life stirred in resentment.


How could it be?

Seeking more, I flee

from all those who could never interpret me,

see me as a threat,

or once used me so I could never forget

pain from the doubt I once had.

Not for them but for myself.


I thought I was worthless.

So I did things knowing I’d regret.

Vision blurry — so unfocused.

Can’t remember because I went unnoticed.

At least to me. So desperately

wanted to be free.

From this body —

Scrape this cracked skin off of me.

Bleed onto the floor.

No perimeter — free.


Shake this false sense of security.

Break boundaries farther than any eye can see —


Free from identity,

labels and category.

Not defined by others but self proclamation

State and claim

a revelation.


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