Human Nature Verses Progression of Humankind

Human nature is settling in the life you are leading now. This is not a fatal flaw; but, it is where it all starts.

Progression of Humankind is fighting for beliefs. It’s the reason to live. Passion should be the fuel that keeps us going.


Human nature is to subconsciously compartmentalize emotions in order to hold off dealing with them. It damages your life unless you seek release. Human nature has ways to “seek release” but none end in your favor.

Progression of humankind is understanding Mother Nature, as well as individual well-being. You learn to understand feelings as your own and not others.

The release, of things that would normally hold you down, frees the capacity to focus on finding healthy and lasting connections and forming meaningful relationships. These behaviors allow a continuous release of emotions. This is healthy and in your favor.


Human nature is to categorize and assume because of narrow-mindedness and judgmental attitudes. People who never question things are the ones that never change.

They reflect insecurities in a guilt-free way. But it isn’t guilt-free. The guilt, desperate to leave, finds a compartment to hide in.

Progression of humankind is progression of love. What are we, if not trial and error? Learning from our mistakes? Who are we to understand another man when we have never seen their perspective? Understand their pain, loss, or ridicule?

If this scares you, go back to the basics. God is love.  Have compassion and understanding.


Human Nature is to avoid the idea that your passion may not be the greatest for the most. Selfishness and lack of compassion steer desire for selfish ambition and power.

Progression of Human kind is the act of making all humans equal — the ultimate goal. It is impossible? Why not, at least, try?


There are several sides to a story, even if you only focus on one. Each could hold the validation of a satisfying ending. Yet, only one survives? It’s a tantalizing anticipation for the victor.

In reality, you are the star of your own version of reality. So, in order to all be treated the same, we must respect differences. We are all the same. No one deserves a better life than anyone. Some were just blessed with better circumstances.

The progression of human kind should not be mistaken for human nature because they are very different. Human nature sees illusion as alluring — tricks disguised as truth. It is so desperate to hold on and to cease progression of humankind.

The progression of human kind will live until the end of human existence in this world. Even though it doesn’t make our spiritual world better, it does not mean that it is not important.

It’s the progression of human kind that gives us guidance to our spiritual lives. And gives us peace in the physical ones.


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