What I Write For

I write to defend against sin we daily live in.


Negativity is sticky —

like a hot, humid day.

It can drag you down and away.

It can drag you into the mountain’s

valleys — an endless “there.”

The farther down the thicker the air.


I write encouragement for courage to sin again.

It will happen. But a different outlook changes the perspective.

Objective. Consider what subject can change direct.

Forgiveness does reflect

from a painful, slow death.


I write to create something beautiful.

Something beautiful, to remember

that such possibilities do exist.

Even when doubt fills your lips.

Even when pins prick your resting nerves —

you get what you deserve.


How can you resist?

Distant death’s a miss.

You’ve escape the bondage.


I write to release — make a cure from a disease.

Personal glory and freedom.

Belief undone from one.

Your consciousness — just be them.

Creation stems to everyone.

If we all would be connected — un-objected,

continuously adjusting and redirecting,

our goals form a beautiful image.

Each piece placed together — a perfect fit.


I write to connect, reflect, and redirect.

It’s a piece of me I share because it’s meant to hear.

Sometimes, just for me, but sometimes, I touch a heart.

The chance to heal. I hold dear.

And that reason is a start.


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