15 Qualities that make YOU a True Leader

To be a True leader:

  •  Lead for a cause. People follow someone with a vision.
  • Be someone who stands for truth; it sets you free. The truth is the most powerful guide.
  • Have a calming presence. When people feel relaxed around you, they are more likely to respond or connect with your intentions and vision.
  • Keep positive energy! It’s a higher energy that will help you stay driven and inspired!
  • Have an open mind. Having your mind open to new things/experiences will allow you to learn and experience more.
  • Communication and understanding. Do Not Assume. Don’t be afraid to ask and to learn.
  • Be yourself. You are selling yourself for a greater good so it is shared in a positive way. People who seek you are people who are interested in a common goal. This will be a great relationship; or at the very least, you’ll learn some new things.
  • Have good humor. Be easy to approach and easy to trust. (If you are genuine in your interest and character, people will be more likely to be on your side. Be on each other’s side.)
  • Collective thought and effort. Understand, it takes more than one person to create something wonderful. Be sure to find a good team. Trust them to have your vision and goals. Find people who are for your cause or support your cause.
  • Benefit from each other — don’t just benefit for yourself. Unless, it is what is for the best for the larger picture. Oftentimes, people forget that we are equally important. No one was born greater than the other. That is an understanding of this world.
  • Decision making. Going with gut feelings.
  • Confidence in every decision and reason. There is no promise that your vision will come true. It’s about trusting yourself. Have confidence that you’re being guided by the truth.
  • Flexibility. Have opportunities for trial and error. Room for margin to expand so you can grow.
  • Productivity. Being able to produce quality results consistently is what keeps your vision expanding.
  • Empathy. Listening to your body. There is no visible guideline for your vision. Sometimes, there will be decisions made by listening to your body (conscious, heart, gut, ext.) and you will have to decode them to use as productive tools.

Being a true leader is doing the best you can with what is provided, for something that inspires you.


4 thoughts on “15 Qualities that make YOU a True Leader

  1. Anyone can be put in a leader position but it takes a lot more to be a good leader. You have posted some great points here. As a leader it’s definitely important to be approachable. In my opinion to be a leader it takes more than just being able to tell others what to do; it’s about knowing how to make your followers WANT to do what needs to be done.

  2. People have gotten so power hungry to be at the top and have forgotten how to lead. There is a meme that I absolutely love that is perfect for this post. On the left side it had a man yelling at workers to pull his sled and it says BOSS and the right shows a man helping and leading his workers in pulling the sled and it says LEADER. I experienced both in the Marines. It blows my mind how the boss like ones tend have no idea why people don’t respect them. It’s takes so much more than telling people what to do to be a leader. You must be willing to learn from those that have something to teach which means being open to seeing things in more than just one way. I think humility is a huge factor in it too. As humans we are subject to emotions. Especially those who are empathetic. That means anger will get the best of us sometimes and having humility is key to apologizing when you are wrong. I hope children in your sons generation learn this like he will from you. We will have an amazing world if even fraction turn out to share the wisdom he will get from you and your husband.

    1. Thanks, Kendyl for your kind words about my family! I know what meme you are referring to! I actually saw it when I was looking for a picture to put here put decided not to because I didn’t mention the caparison of a boss to a leader but it the meme does have a strong message! Thanks for reading my article and taking the time to comment! I love hearing your insights and wisdom..especially since I know you to be a great leader 😉

      good day and good vibes, Becca

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