LET’S PLAY A GAME!! Game Title: “Who Am I, Today?”


Directions: Read my response and comment a response about “Who you are in this moment.” It will be a great opening to get to know each other and exchange thoughts!


Now I will respond as I reflect. 

Name to be referred:  “Becca Wilson”

I know who I am. But how to even answer. I guess I start at what is most important to me.

My beliefs and morals are from good intents. They stem from love and growth.

My family is precious. They are the reason I’m pursuing a writing career. They are my inspiration.

Friends are important because they help maintain social etiquette. They show how to love conditionally and I get a great support system in return. They are truly amazing and rewarding to have.

Communities are important. They help me share and grow. They teach human conditions. You are from who and what you surround yourself with.

I would like to be the “stay-at-home” person for my family because I believe quality time is important to the well-being of a family. Children get their securities, beliefs, behaviors, and education easiest from their parents. I want to be able to bless them with nature and nurture. I want the best for my family so in return I will try to provide that for them. If I could make an income while being a “stay-at-home” person by doing something that naturally comes to me, it truly would be my dream come true.

God gives you many-face dreams to sort through. Some are for life maintenance and some are to turn into goals. Through the foggy and confusing nights down paths, into the darkness that has no end into the dreams beautiful beyond conception. Through these, I find dreams I wish to make goals.

I want a writing career — not for money or recognition. Only for two things:  my family and my friends. To provide for my family security and quality time. And for my friends, I would like to be a shoulder. Someone dependable that will always lift them up.

But who am I? I am someone trying my best to share words of advice with anyone who is willing to listen because I truly care about your well-being. Aren’t you comforted by that? I hope you are because it is refreshing to hear all of the people out there with positive and encouraging things to say. I do look forward to that and keep the e-mails coming. I love talking to people who can stimulate my mind!

I am someone trying to find my voice because I know that I am to be heard. If only to help you.

Hope to hear from you!

Good vibes, Becca




6 thoughts on “LET’S PLAY A GAME!! Game Title: “Who Am I, Today?”

  1. Who am I? Whew! Where do I begin? First, I’m very complex and not easily understood, at least, not to the casual acquaintance — too hard to explain here. But I’m also very sensitive to the feelings of others. It hurts me when I see hurt in people’s eyes. I like to write because I seem to express myself better with the written word. Mostly, I like to write because my out-of-control imagination has to have some kind of outlet!

    1. You are probably an empathic person (so am I) Look it the term if you aren’t familiar with it! You and I are probably kindred spirits! Socially awkward, yet the written word is our safe haven! Hope you benefit from this and let’s keep in touch!!

      1. You’re right. I am empathetic and socially awkward. Being deaf hasn’t helped. And, yes, the written word is our safe haven. We’ll definitely stay in touch! Right on!

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