The Abstract Writer’s Idea: The Three E’s

The Abstract Writer

The process of an artist is not meant to be understood, even to themselves. If they were to understand, than exploring the possibilities would not be so alluring. Abstract concepts would not exist. New ideas and innovations would not be thought of. The world is more than sight — it’s senses. An abstract world can morph into anything.

The noun, abstract, is the eye catcher. Words strung together to spike emotions in order to draw a connection to the reader and the content. The content proves the abstract to be true.

The adjective, abstract, is just an idea until brought to life. It is not your reality but it doesn’t mean it’s not realistic. It can be accomplished. It can be attained.

The verb, abstract, is the action of creation. It’s expressing limitless possibilities that have not ever been more than an idea or dream.

As an abstract writer, I see a world incomprehensibly vast yet all connected through energy, effort, and evolution.


To be alive, thrive and revolutionize.


I’ve said before, energy is everything and everything is energy. It is our stream of movements It’s the pushes and pulls to and from relationships and destiny.

All energy connects us to each other and to the universe. It makes us one stream of renewable energy attracting or repelling, ultimately to steer us to paths we are meant to be on. Energy gives us meaning and the desire to live.


From this desire for movement, we are tested. Time comes when we face our fears. Either decide to walk through them or be destroyed by them.

Effort and energy work hand-in-hand. Our energy gives us desire and direction that focuses our efforts. Objects in motion want to stay in motion. This same concept applies with energy. Energy weaving through, directing your body to push forward.


Energy + Effort = Evolution

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “evolution” as a process in which the whole universe is a progression of interrelated phenomena.

This definition is not specifically speaking about outer adaptations, which is ironically the controversial aspect of evolution. In a broader sense, this definition speaks about the effort energy weaves in and out our entire existence — mostly within our deepest fibers and through each other.

Evolution is controversial because change is scary. But, it’s ultimately the very thing that allows our lives to flourish and our lives as mankind to continue. All the virtuous qualities in a man gives him the ingredients to potentially create something amazing.


The Abstract Writer’s idea

Love produces content quality ingredients; but it still takes the three E’s: Energy, Effort, and Evolution to produce quality products.

It’s a constant conflicting idea — to stay content where you are, but always take opportunities for change. These separate ideas have to coincide despite their ironic differences. If you were content in life what would be the point in change? Well, life is not a steady stream of contentment even if you are living your dream.

Hard times and challenges will surface. It’s these times that test your ability to create something new with the ingredients you’re made of. Change is inevitable and change is evolution. It’s energy and effort pushed and pulled through us that welcome change. These moments are brought by change in order to progress. The decision of progression is left to you.


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