Birth of a Breakthrough

The Fenixx Nest


Fog settles in the moist night

Clouds shielding an illuminated sky

Only a single arm of moonlight

Reaches down and touches the ground

Of a decaying graveyard

Of ideas, dreams, and hope

Where so many thoughts go

To die

Their spirits seek refuge in

The realm of lost souls in my brain

All broken and unfinished

They sat their waiting


For they knew that the breakthrough

Was coming and it was only

A matter of time before

The pieces would finally begin to fall in place

And the picture became so clear

A clarity that trumps all past clarity

A truth that hid in plain sight

So close to my eyes it became blurry

A mirage however a step back

Reveals the enormity of information

That has been bestowed upon me

A brightening light causes

The grayness to scatter in fear

Of impending love and re-invigoration

For life’s mission

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