Patience: Build a Solid Foundation and Structure.

Keeping calm and carrying on

Patience, for me, was the hardest thing to learn. To have such passion for something, you want every element to fall in place at once. It’s an impossible outcome. Yet, the end result is always more desirable than the actual moments.

Inspiration is an instinctual jolt of excitement. You envision the end result, not the amount of work and persistence taken to get there. But, things have to unravel to be revealed, in their own time and order. It takes a specific design to build a solid foundation.

It’s understanding that anything worth building is worth building right not rushed. Along the way, you gather tools that are crucial to the structure. The end result is much better three-dimensional — a dream animated by goals.


Patience takes courage. Immediate results almost never happen. Fear and self-doubt can rise from waiting. You worry people won’t accept or approve of your contributions. “What if this doesn’t work… what if… what if.” Dreams easily remain out of reach if they are farther than arms length. People never stop dreaming but lack the courage to move toward them.

Patience takes faith. Faith to find yourself piece by piece. Faith that you are walking in the right direction. If you get to the end before you go through the in-between, you cannot comprehend its importance and beauty. It’s easier to step back and change directions if it’s a constant progression. Not knowing all the answers is normal so look into the unknown with faith.

Patience takes thought. You have to think things through. Make your dreams into goals. Take those goals and divide them into smaller goals. It’s a day-to-day self-improvement. It’s good to see with your heart but you have to put thought into that vision. Dreams are from the heart but goals are from the mind.

Patience takes practice. Impulse is human nature. Give up on enough dreams and you see patience as an ingredient to factor in, otherwise, the dream sizzles out. It’s left in the back of your mind — turning into dreams that haunt your sleep.

You have to learn patience otherwise you will give up. It’s just an endurance test. It tests your motivation. Just how bad you want to dream to breathe life? How far will you go because you believe in yourself?

Pursuance takes patience

Self-doubt is just imaginary failure. Telling yourself you fail before you even try leaves no room to succeed. Not trying is the only real failure. Your dreams may never happen or you may never be capable of them; but if you don’t try, your haunted by the “what if”.

If your vision does not become your reality, move on. That dream came to teach you patience and another one is just around the corner, waiting for you to fall asleep. Movement makes muscle. Muscle makes strength. Practice is moving. Keep on pushing.

No one knows where they’re going to end up but isn’t it more exciting walking into the unknown than staying stuck in a place where you know you don’t want to be for the rest of your life? You can always turn back. Knowing who you are is knowing you want to be better. It’s an abstract idea. It’s always changing either from your own mind or from fates.


2 thoughts on “Patience: Build a Solid Foundation and Structure.

  1. This was just what I needed right now! Thanks! Patience is a constant test for me. Being ADD is a pile on! 😉 It’s a struggle that I choose to confront in all my achievements.

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