Renewable Energy: People’s Power and Light


Every natural, living and growing thing on this Earth is energy. Energy is not created or destroyed. It is cycles that vary and intertwine — weaving into all living.

The amount of energy we have is what I consider our “power”. Power fuels our momentum that helps us reach our potential. Often, energy is associated with how we feel. People who are happy tend to be more energetic than people who are depressed. If power is potential than potential depends on our energy.

The type/colors of energy you send/receive is what I refer to as “light”. It depends on you to attract the right kind. For example, if you are negative you will attract negative energy. (I will save colors of light for another time) Light is produced from positive energy. In order to reach your highest potential, it is important for your light to shine bright; because, in the darkness, you cannot see.

So, your amount of “light” is from what kind of energy you harness and “power” is from how much.


If everything is energy, why do we sometimes feel drained? 

Energy embodies infinite feelings and forms and is constantly passed and absorbed interchangeably. For now, I will just divide energy into two main types: positive and negative.

Since we never lose energy; it’s just a matter of how much nourishing energy we have. Positive energy is like nutrients for your soul; when it becomes negative you feel misplaced and drained. Factors such as environments and attitudes breed chances for positive energy to drain.

There are two main reasons to feel drained— if you are a negative person or you are a positive person. Wow, we are all doomed. Right? The solution is actually quite simple. We must utilize our energy; and we must examine ourselves to do so.

A positive person sends wasted energy out, assuming all who needs it will receive it. They want to share their light; but, often, aren’t aware they need replenishing in order to continue giving. Also, their light attracts people who seek their energy. Without consciously being aware, helpless people desperately seek those who create positive energy to rejuvenate themselves.

Negative people attract negative energy. This energy drains your power and your light. If it gets low enough, your body will radiate negative energy and attract negative environments to live in.

In this life there’s predators and there’s prey — the givers and the takers. Some negative people aren’t capable of feeling happiness without the energy of a positive person. These people are called energy vampires. Energy vampires live in a life of negativity but lack the desire to change, instead, befriend positive people to use as an energy source.


How to stay revived and energetic to live happy and healthy lives.

If you are a naturally negative person, be more aware of yourself and of others around you. It may be difficult to honestly examine your heart, but try. You have to become more in tune with your inner-self. Are you pursuing your dreams? Are you living the life you envisioned for yourself? Do you even know what the ideal life for yourself looks like? Seek happiness from yourself and not from others.

The optimist has to learn to avoid energy vampires. A giving person is a blessing — never change that part of you. It is when you allow people to surround your aura and suck it dry. You need relationships in your life that are meaningful and equally fulfilling. It is the only way to replenish your power and light.

In order to keep a full energy level, stay positive and say your dreams out loud. Breathe life to them. A dream is the pursuance of your desires while asleep. In order for them to become your reality, you must make them your goals. Don’t be scared to fail. It is through the trial and error that we find our true-selves and paths that we are destined to be on. Your power and light will be the tools to get you there.


6 thoughts on “Renewable Energy: People’s Power and Light

  1. By you sharing your light in this post, we are enlightened! Hopefully, you feel the positive energy I’m sending your way as my thanks for sharing this 😉

  2. Becca, This is a very interesting article. I have friends around me that we share each others light. I didn’t understand this until a few years ago. It is now part of my daily life. During my morning reflection I think of ways to inspire the people around me. Using energy is a great way however it can be draining. So I do reach out to others that have great energy to help me recharge.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Gil

    1. Thanks for the compliment! It’s a concept that I recently became aware of as well. I used to be so drained all the time. There were people in my life that were “sucking the life out of me” I remember saying those words. Then my friend introduced me to the term “empathy” and suddenly the scattered pieces of my life fit together and I ran with it. I did a lot of my research and the more I learn, the more I understood. It’s a wonderful new world. I hope to introduce this new perception to others in hope they understand it as well! Have a good day!

      Good vibes, Becca

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