Sometimes crave the daze of my misguided days — drowning in the influential ways.

Drunken craze. Paper blaze. Eyes glaze. Simplistic amaze. Snapped.

Turned to rage.

Unleashing a monster but still trapped in a cage. Memories hazed.

A reason why I quit my ways.


3 thoughts on “Temptation

  1. Since your readers know you as someone who seeks “growth, knowledge, and love,” and as someone who inspires and creates such genuinely compelling work, imagining you as someone who struggled with such challenges pushes the envelope a bit. It’s a real tribute to your character that you are forthcoming about your struggles, and how you overcame them.

    I think you could expand on this piece by exploring the subject a bit more. It’s obviously fertile ground for inspiration.

    Regards….John H.

    1. I appreciate this comment tremendously! I have had my share of issues and traumas that up until recently I kept inside of me. I am slowly stepping out of my comfort zone and it gives me courage to continue this journey knowing that my struggles can inspire and empower people. So thank you for taking the time to tell me this! I hope you have a blessed weekend!

      Good vibes, Becca

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