Forgive the Hate Demon

Forgiveness tames the fires from hate

but reaction is it’s venomous spray.

Fuel that ignites it’s roar.

Hate attacks your core — blinds the truth.

Defensive impulse pulses through

your veins. Pumping hate straight

to the heart.

A hateful heart leaves no room for love.

Bitter blood bleeds blue — coursing through.

A poison that plagues you.

Seeps through your pores

surrounding you — seeks the soul.

Energy grows and sparks. Flames thrown.

A cycle born breaths life — full-grown.

A demon on its own.

Blown out of proportion.

Distortion of the truth.

Youth lose sight — the innocent lose.

Inside the demon rips the soul.

The pieces are sizzling coals.

It breathes external fire — brighter, brighter, brighter.

Forgiveness breaks the cycle.

Antidote for it’s poison. Fire turns frozen

in place. An image of evil looked in the face.

Rise above the flames.

Feel the love. Feel the warmth.

Love protects — projects inner peace, inner needs.

Rejects disease, the harm that scars. Rejects doubt.

Reach out and touch the lives of others.

We’re all brothers. All connected to each other.

Lift and live. Love — to receive you must give.


2 thoughts on “Forgive the Hate Demon

  1. I have a new motto I’m trying to follow: Throw away Hate, Anger, and Grudges. Then I realized those three words created the acronym H.A.G. Hate, Anger and Grudges will turn anyone into an old HAG. I hope I don’t turn into one.

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