Stop Asking Why

When something doesn’t work, I sometimes find,

I long to know the reasons why.

I spend my time wondering would it have worked out —

if I’d have done things differently?

I could change, I could rearrange what I say next time.

But sometimes things blow in the wind.

Aren’t meant to be examined.

Should…I could…If I would.

I might…maybe…If I understood.

Stop asking why.

It’s just a reason to stay up and cry.

You need time — that’s fine. but stop asking why.

“Why” is to want something — to hold and never forget.

To let go is to accept and to accept is to not regret.

I always thought I had to know why.

Always needed closure to say goodbye.

But sometimes things just happen

and to ask why would be like asking the point of a grain of sand.

A bigger purpose not meant to be closely examined.


7 thoughts on “Stop Asking Why

  1. Another good read. I find myself asking why? why? why? all the time. Why is there so much imbalance in this world? Why do the already-blessed keep getting blessed while others continue to suffer? I could go on and on. Perhaps I should borrow a chapter from your method of thinking.

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