Give Me Time

Give me time. I feel like it’s flying —

on autopilot.

Just needing to take direction.

Life habits need correcting 


It’s not that I’m blind

but tunnel vision isn’t wide.

Based on more than one decision. 

We’re all playing the game of LIFE like it needs no provision.

It’s good to have a vision

but submission is final.

It needs to be proficient. 

Time only moves ahead.

But expansion is exploding in my head

Explanation is meant to be said 

Trying leaves direction perplexing.

The Grand Multiplex

More left to decide — to chance.

I try 

but I need time. 

I just need your time. Look this way.

It’s easier to demand attention every other day

then to stay.

I need more time 

to convince my need for you.

I see you in dreams but somehow I always bleed through.

Give me time to prove It’s all done for you.

I’m here but only in time.


Time is relative. irrelevant. 

There’s no us if there’s no time spent.

Here I wait but time’s only distant — 


We’re out of substance unable to reset.

These are the times we’re never supposed to forget. 

These moments are vanishing. 

At times, I wonder 

if I never knew you when I was younger

would you even care about me?

Or is reality 

that I’m just a piece of you 

lost in memory. 

“Us” is just a theory. 

A dream you still relive to see.

Something to come back to once you reach 

for all that’s left. 

I’m left.

I’m left over.

over and over.

I need time. Your time. Is that too much?

Holding on the thought of you, to the hope of one day.

Hope you stay.

I need more time.

How to convince I need you.

I see you in my dreams but You always see right through me.

It’s time to prove your here or you’ll lose me.

Always been here but it’s a matter of time.


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