HAPPY SUNDAY — Light through the Darkness

Descending down the mountain

I start to feel the damp, warm breath of death.

Its presence growing closer, taunting me

pinning me against myself.

I’m fearful in these surroundings;

I don’t want to be here.

But how could I ever belong up there?

I look at the mountain top — It’s thin, crisp air.

I trudge deeper in the valley.

I fear death has found me —

grabbing and pulling. There’s darkness all around me.

The air so thick and warm, tastes like blood’s in my mouth.

Light goes out.

I strike a match — a desperate hesitation,

smell the flint and watch the stick burn to ash.

Lights out again. Will death win? I still descend.

So close now, I feel death’s final distraction.

I raise my head in search for one last glint.

My eyes rest on all that’s left — a tiny circle of light.

Its beam pointing in my direction.

I follow it to my right —

a spotlight on an empty space next to me.

How did I not see?

This realization is his grand entrance.

I know He is with me.

No fear shall keep me in this valley.

As I walk on as the light gradually opens, surrounds me.

It consumes me. I am moving

up the mountain. I can see. I can breathe.

My life in my lungs. Exhalation of joy, I sing.


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