First taste of Love.

The rain — so cold. Numbs my pain.                                                                            Gone away. I always knew you would leave.                                                                     It gave me time to grieve.

We started out friends — the way it typically begins.                                               Good intentions misunderstood.                                                                                           I just wanted you to smile. Was I was in denial?

When I wasn’t around, you were different.  A colorless life you were living.          Your smile was bare and you started to compare — our own world.                     Blind to other’s hurt.

Dangerously intoxicated — a slow pull closer. I could feel you not touch.    Magnetic energy surrounded you — I felt a rush.                                             Confused. Never discussed.

You watched me eat soup. I looked and laughed.                                                              I didn’t know she would be mad.                                                                                    Soup — the effects it had.

Snapped. You could take no more. Left her. Closed the door.                                   About it, we never spoke. I didn’t know you chose to go.

Until you came to me. It was hard to believe.                                                                My dreams breathed in front of me.

Was this love? Our souls did touched.                                                                            But close to you was not enough.                                                                                       For you, it was.

Once done with school we knew we wanted different things.                                When life begins you search within.                                                                                 He did always know I needed room to grow.

He set me free to see me happy.                                                                                           It was his wish but I wished it was me not understanding his reasoning.

But now? Did you even love me?                                                                                  Years of uncertainty — not sure how to leave me.                                                        But each time you did.

Should have known we’d end again.                                                                              Cold and painful — the opposite from our intent.

We couldn’t let go. You know my soul.                                                                           The sole one. Life’s painful pun.                                                                                    Each painful goodbye drives our misguided lives back each time.


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