Stuck in the Past

Living life in the past —

each memory stretched to last.

Remembering painful days

feels warm

and wet on your face.

The climax of a silent movie —


Click forward each frame

filling holes with what should be.

Hit repeat.

But your heart is empty.

Thoughts are your enemy.

Doom-filled lies disguised as perception.


Stuck in a daze — regretting.


Nostalgic nights.

Life passes by.

The fool against time.


to your life in present moment —


You lose it.

So undo it

by starting over —

looking forward.

If circumstantial history

is bound to repeat.

Cheat — Rewrite it.

by starting with tomorrow.

Change comes from choices.

Choose to go

toward the unknown.

Embrace a world your thrown

in; begin again.

Start to see your life grow.


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