Pain as Power

Pain can be power

to express, to inspire.

Feel the jolt of uncertainty

use it to fly higher.

Pain is the price of strength.

You get what you put in.

Never lose sight to win —

a life worth living in.

Begin again.

From pain

of yesterday.

Put faith in troubles then fly away.

Passed the past.

Fears won’t last

into the present

where pain is present.

Felt as strength.

Strength gives confidence

that fuels persistence.

Step into this

new life.

Born to survive.

Re-birthed white.

Wrong turned right.

Pain feels alright.

No longer fear of flight.

Given chances —

the internal permission

to keep persisting.

To use the gift your given.

Inspiration is therapy.

Gives me clarity.

Organizes my thoughts.

Understanding is brought.

Polishing life’s beauty is my art.


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