Modern Romance

illusions of love.

the false facade is trust.

the page talks you up.

scroll down. click.

zoom in. sit.

looking at the perfect angle,

the perfect trick

of the eye.

delusion’s desperate cry.


you mention

your wins.

but none’s legit.

you sit.

look’n at a screen all day.


wanting to play.

dress up.

legs up.

tilt your phone.

snap. download.

want to taunt.


out of control.

waiting for 5 second show

of praise.

like life’s a race.

competition for no prize

is your life.

nothing — comes with a price.

big surprise.

your games disguise.

to hide your lies.

It’s your demise.


2 thoughts on “Modern Romance

  1. I love the way you invite us into the most personal place we can share with you.

    The perfect response is nowhere to be found. You’ve found a brand new metaphor for all that you are.

    I love the line….

    “Delusion’s desperate cry…”

    I know this cry….

    Thankfully, it can be survived…

    Loved waltzing through the flowers here…

    Warmest regards….John H.

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