Life Maintenance


Look for Illusions 

Practicing positive thinking doesn’t mean you never see negatively; it means you choose to find the positive in any situation no matter how little and how hard it may be. It’s something that requires consistent practice. Luckily, life tests our determination almost on a daily basis. (see what I did there?)

Positive thinking is powerful; but it can create illusions if we are new to the practice. It can give a false sense of security. Not saying faith shouldn’t be prevalent; everything happens for a reason. But positive thinking helps get through the tough situations; it doesn’t completely eliminate them.


Look for Signs

Sometimes our undivided attention goes toward finding the positive; and warning signs of danger ahead are overlooked. There are signs but our illusions tell us it’s ok to procrastinate addressing them. They aren’t real problems; they will just go away. We tend to hold off until the problem is tangible. Subconsciously we avoid things we don’t want to deal with until the problem grows into something extensive. Ignoring it won’t make it go away. It just grows larger. We pour all our energy into thinking positively but as soon as something happens we question, “Why me?” But the question shouldn’t be ‘why’. In situations like these, it’s not a result of karma. It’s a matter of maintaining the needs in our lives.

Maintenance keeps you alert. Problems must be fixed daily otherwise you are setting yourself up for larger problems in the future. Listen to yourself by being in-tune with your needs. Observe the situations in your life; and gage how you can best handle their predictable and unpredictable outcome. Pray for the best but prepare for the possible. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Don’t ignore what needs to be fixed until you crash.


Learn from Mistakes

Things happen either to expose your mistakes or to strengthen your weaknesses. At the time, you will not feel this way, which is why you must tell yourself this. Remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes but insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting the same result.  As long as you see your mistakes and learn from them, the next time you see the warning signs you will know to correct them before they crash down on you.

Don’t feel like a failure because of a mistake. To be perfect would mean you weren’t human and capable of feelings. Appreciate your imperfections and use them as teaching tools. You aren’t failing as long as you are trying. Try your best to be your best. Admitting to a mistake is not admitting you failed. You fail if you ignore the chance to learn from these times. Life gives you many chances; look for the signs. Even if you crash, you can start fresh. Yes, it may come at a price but you will never forget the cost. Your new life will be more valuable; and you’ll try harder to keep it maintained. Life’s a journey. Don’t stop just because you can’t see what’s on the other side of the turn; beyond has all the possibilities of being beautiful.


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