Finding the Positive in our Negative Situations

Life Projections vs Reality

Visions of our life seem to look different from where it actually lands. My “idealistic” life was somehow, a chosen life of poop diapers and fridge left overs. I think back to when I was young and doe-eyed; everything seemed to be possible. I made all the stops along the way and carefully selected the things I wanted. Yet, when I look at the present moment right smack in the middle of the chaos I think, “How did I get here?” It’s a normal response to find the worst in a situation. It’s impulse; it’s easy. But learning how to look for the good in all things will turn your life around.

When your inner world does not match your outer world you feel the need for change. We all have projections of our lives; and no matter how blessed and beautiful our lives are, our projections are almost always different from reality. Reality is flawed. You see a different picture so your mind is tricked into thinking it’s not what you want even if it is. Adopting an attitude of positive thinking encourages you to cast down negative thoughts. It helps you see your life with more clarity for times when clarity is needed most.

Facing the Bumps and Turns

Getting from point A to point B in our lives can be a straight line; but more often than not you are faced with many bumps and turns. Most of the time, negative outcomes are a repercussion of a bad decision; but sometimes a negative situation happens without any reasoning behind them. They are simply the bumps in the roads that can’t be avoided. This is where we are tested.

People tend to lose sight of the bigger picture when faced with something unexpected. These are the times when people lose faith. Their attitude is “why me?” “How can the universe be for me when it’s always against me?” They think, “How can there be a God?” or “This life has no purpose.” But it’s these situations that are placed in our lives to make us stronger and give us opportunities to self-reflect.

Situations as Misfortune or as Opportunities

Viewing these hard times bitterly will only make them more difficult to get through. An attitude is contagious; it can spread from your thoughts to your actions; and without even realizing it, your negativity becomes the source of the downward spiral in your life. Looking at them as opportunities, however, has advantages.

God gives us no challenge we are not capable in overcoming; they are to make us stronger. It takes faith, yes. But If you go into a situation believing the best and not the worst your confidence; therefore, you potential.You have to claim your life. Take what is yours and speak it into existence.

The Power of Positive thinking

The power of positive thinking can be as simple as taking a bad situation and finding something positive about it — one small beneficial thing. It’s amazing how this kind of thinking can transform an image in your head. You are able to see different approaches and solutions to the same problems.

It’s easy to find the negative in a bad situation. It’s easy to fuel it with bitterness and self-pity. This is dangerous because it attracts other negative situations to come into you life. And these negative situations will eventually control your life if you let them. Don’t let them.

Isn’t it more empowering to see a challenge ahead, rise to it and conquer it? You can then truly appreciate life, which would otherwise be wasted on the troubling yesterdays and tomorrows. We learn how to live each day. God gives us choices in our lives that challenge our weaknesses, not to see us fall but to see us grow as warriors. Practice positive thinking. Even if it doesn’t help the situation in any way it’s easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This, too, shall pass; it’s only a bump.


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