Eclectic Energetic Free Flow

Down through the crown, perception is direction. The insight to precession. Progression. 

Perplexing to the mind but mine I find reason and rhyme. 

Your third eye blind but my vision sublime.

Shown the unseen, foreseen, everything in between. Explained in time. 

Speak my mind through words. A million thoughts sorted through verse. 

Words on paper speak greater volume written down than out loud. 

Connection is my direction. Where the heart hold conviction,

growth. Keep the energies free to flow to each soul. It keeps them whole,

free to feel, emotionally heal, sensual appeal.

Orange-coal fuels desire and deepens the roots of the profound. Deep in the ground. Found.

The will to survive. Strive to thrive. Harness the right to stay alive. 


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