Would I Be Considered Equal If I Were A Stay-At-Home Mom WITH An Income?

Stay-at-home moms truly have the blessed life. But I can’t help but feel that when I am asked what I do and respond that I stay home with my son people look at me as if they don’t understand my response. I don’t think they are judging me negatively; I just feel people tend to view staying home not as helpful as another income would be for a family.

Being a stay-at-home mother is a choice. I believe in traditional roles in the sense of maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse and with your family. To make myself clear, I believe in the traditional roles of a woman not that women should be demoralized for being less-than the best simply because they are different but that each family member has a different but equal contribution. I believe that family is the most important thing in this world. To have a relationship with God, to love your family unconditionally and to have self-love. These are three of the most important things to have in this life. These are the reasons I choose to stay at home with my son. It’s important to me. It doesn’t have to be important to you. It’s important to me to devote my time in these things verses away to make money.

Now, to be a stay-at-home mother who makes an income would be a dream come true. I have deep admiration for those who can be a wife and mother full-time, and still able to provide an extra income (no matter how much) by doing something they enjoy or believe in so their family can do extra things they enjoy or believe in.

I try to harness my inspiration so I can use it to be here for my family both with time and experiences. I want to give them as much love and knowledge as I can, both with my writing and with my time. They are my muse. They are my reason to want the world to know my words.

My writing has been a passion of mine since I was young. It’s by far my strongest quality so I am trying to use it to benefit my life. For some, it may be something else. This day and age there are plenty of things that a stay-at-home mother is able and capable of doing. They are able to pursue things that were not even relevant just a few decades ago

Women weren’t even capable to try a few decades ago. I can say this because I am very proud of the women who have brought us this success by simply being women who finally were able to prove to the boys that its our differences that make us better because it is unexpected. And quickly were gained the respect that diminished almost all skepticism.

My creativity is my strongest quality and that is exactly why I love to write so much. It is a satisfying feeling to get the end result. To know that I created this for a reason. These words hold purpose, not just to me but to the people who might read my words and feel a connection with it. My goal is to give new ideas and ways of thinking and inspire a change. It’s never any harder than proclaiming things in their lives and deciding things will change.  I love this world and I just want to reach as many as I can so that I can touch their lives.

This may sound arrogant. I know that sometimes when something comes spilling out of the heart it sounds so absolute but it’s not me that is allowing myself to be able to write my thoughts down; it’s God. He gives me guidance; and my obedience gives me the rewards. He shows me the way to help myself, my family, and he will help me see the way to help millions. This is my dream and I breathe life to it by following my heart.

But to those who can feel my love and compassion through these words know that this world is complex and complicated. And it can be so much more complex and complicated if you feel alone, know that you aren’t alone. I want to help; because, I am a women and I am a human. I am here on this Earth with this only life. I want to better myself. I want to learn from my mistakes. I love my family and would love to take a leap of faith and put love before possessions. I am only trying to make a way for my family to expand our love for God, each other, themselves. and this world that surrounds us both in people that we share it with and in the nature that gives us life. I want every person that feels they want this too to really reflect about where their lives are going, who is leading it and how is with you through it.

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