An Open Letter to MY Mother.

To my loving confidant, role model, mentor, teacher,                                                     To the person who cooked for me, prayed for me, bandaged my wounds,                 To the person who gave me independence, confidence, love, advice                          To the person who showed me values, priorities, morals,                                                To the amazing woman who showed me how to be an amazing woman,

I want to let you know what Motherhood means to me.

MOTHERHOOD IS A JOB. From the moment I was conceived I was surrounded by love and care. It wasn’t something I take for grated because it was a choice that you made. You chose to do the best job you could. You chose FAMILY as your job. It was to make a comfortable and healthy home. I was always content and protected — a security only parents can provide. A job that has no income and most of the time no appreciation. If done right, goes unnoticed.

MOTHERHOOD IS SACRIFICE. We were raised on one income. Through the financial sacrifice it showed us money can’t buy everything (not that having a job makes you any less of a mother.) You showed us the importance of family and love. The sacrifice goes beyond financial but also in lifestyle. You had to be self-less. You were responsible for the well-being of an innocent and helpless human —someone that did not choose it’s life but was given to you because of your choices. I depended on you for love, affection, and nurture. I depended on you to educate and guide me through the ways of the world. It’s a day in and day out sacrifice — one that never sleeps or takes a break. A lifetime devotion to something other than one’s self.

MOTHERHOOD IS MORE THAN BEING A MOM. I see it all the time. A mom putting herself before her kids. A mom having no connection with their child, even neglecting or abandoning them. They see their pregnancy and kid as a responsibility and burden instead of a blessing. I thank you for never making me feel unwanted or calling me negative names. I thank you for not treating me like a burden.

MOTHERHOOD THRIVES ON SILENT REWARDS. If done right confident and loving young men and woman are raised. And now your kids are parents and you get to see a piece of you shine through. You see the rewards of your sacrifices. You see the importance of your convictions and decisions that helped shape our childhood and ultimately gave us a higher quality of life.


Now that I am an adult and a mother I see these things. Now, more than ever I see the importance of sacrifice and love for your family. There are moments everyday when I wish my family had more money to do things but we always come back to the agreement that family time is more important. It keeps us grounded. These views were taught by you and I’m thankful for these values.

Please know that I don’t take your sacrifices for grated. I know that I am blessed to have a mother that sacrificed a lot for her children. It did not go unnoticed. I thank God every day because I could have never reached my potential without the love and confidence you gave me to pursue my dreams.

I only hope my children feel this way. I want them to understand appreciation for something comes through sacrifices. I want them to understand that love and family are things that can never be taken away no matter what life throws at you. You make me want to be a mother like you.

You always told me if you did your job right one day it would be obsolete because then you know that you’ve raised independent and confident adults. But, mother, to me your job will never be obsolete. I will always need your wisdom and guidance. I will always need your love. Now that I am a parent, more than ever.

I will always love and appreciate you,

your thankful daughter


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