The Satisfaction of Accepting Your Fate

Some people are destined for greatness; and from the time they are born are reminded by everything around them. They are told their destiny and accept it. The satisfaction of their greatness pushes them to excel.

However, most of us are lost until we are found. Some view life as endless amounts of possibilities but doubt their own capabilities. Wandering down dead-end roads they think are significant but always fall short — always leaving them wanting.  Some already view life as a dead-end so they lose themselves in amusements of the world — trapped on a slowly turning ferris wheel destined to continue the same patterns and mistakes. They live for the amusements but are never satisfied with the thrills. They bitterly look down on people to steer their mind off the emptiness in their own lives.

Fate is the choice to listen to your inner-self and face challenges with a positive perception. When you reach an impasse, you can search for answers around you or you can search inside of you. If you listen to yourself you can hear words. These words can come from within. (sometimes even from a higher power.) You can feel them burning inside — feeling a pull to a certain direction.

Your body knows before your mind because your body is less skeptical than your mind. Your mind tends to rationalize more than your body.

Having the faith to listen to your inner-self can guide you. Once you are on the right track, your sense of self-worth will radiate out of you. Life isn’t just living. It’s living with a purpose. And reflection will only bring reassurance —never self-doubt.


A piece of me continuously felt that if I wasn’t broken, I wasn’t a writer. What would be my muse? How could anything inspire me? Aimlessness? Hopelessness? I had the wandering mind of a free spirit destined to be the main character in her own book. A writer’s fatal flaw — cursed with the knowledge of a hundred men, only to bring you down in the end.

To be a good writer, I had to set myself above those feelings. Be the on-looker of the crowd, not among them. For the first time my free spirit actually felt free. By embracing a positive perception of myself, I was able to harness the energy of empowerment and enlightenment. I was able to capture the essence of a hundred men. Not be tortured by their troubles but empowered by their individualities. A once dying soul, now renewed. I felt hydrated with hope. Inspiration. Power.

Everyday was and is a new. A journey of self-discovery by simply remembering the mementos each day that are eye-opening. This, in essence, is a good writer. A simple scribble down of a thought. One thought, turns into thousands. Those thoughts together start to unfold a map of similar thoughts growing each day. Until, at last, it’s an epiphany. An epiphany that is life changing. I will always choose to move forward in this journey because the choice to stop means it’s over.


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