Stagnant Water

My life was a pool of stagnant water. I’d been sitting in it neck-deep for so long not even aware it was eating through the layers of my skin. The pain turned into numbness that would have killed me if something didn’t change drastically. How did I get here?I looked around and saw my life for what it was — empty. I was in the middle of nowhere and not sure how to change my circumstance.

The moment of change started with this realization. I stood up. The movement created little circular ripples that grew in circumference reaching out around me but disappeared back into the lifeless water.

Realizing my life was empty gave me two choices. I could sit back down and let it consume me; or I could do something about it. I began to trudge in the waist deep, corroded and lifeless water. I could not see an end, just still water. But I continued to move forward anyway. The ripples of this movement gained momentum. Instead of disappearing back into nothing, they grew. They traveled past my vision until they hit a wall — the source of the water’s blockage.

I began to see a change. My movement created waves that were growing. Every time they hit the wall, an opposite force would come back stronger against me. Instead of letting it take me, I pushed harder, until the force would come back around pulling me forward.

These brief moments of favorable outcomes sparked the second change in me. My desire to change my outer world and life gave me the courage to move forward. It was also persistency and determination that proved this internal desire was strong enough to make waves externally. Change in outer circumstances come from within.

Suddenly, the wall broke and the water rushed forward. My life transformed in a rapid movement of water. It rushed around me and saturated into my pores. It gave me a new life. The momentum was pulling me and I was enjoying the ride.


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