The Purpose of Your Dreams

Follow your dreams.

Once you reach them, be content with them.

Learn to live in the present

for your future.

It’s as simple as enjoying the dreams your living

selflessly and with self-purpose.

Follow your heart,

find someone for your heart,

then grow your hearts together.

Show yourself the present is a good place to be

and the future is only desirable to the young.

This does not mean stop bettering yourself

or the image of who you want to be.

Strive for inner greatness, not outer greatness.

Strive for contentment.

A dream is nothing more than an idea,

a direction.

But contentment is the plan.

As long as you have a sense of direction

than you have a sense of purpose.

content and contentment

Not longing and resentment.

When an uncontrollable situation occurs,

you know that it’s something to learn from.

You know that it’s something not to question.

It shouldn’t be the map but the turns.

As long as you have a plan

you have a sense of which direction to turn.

Use perception and projection

to find your dreams,

to appreciate your efforts,

and to not forget your reasons for them.

Life is always one journey.

Only you decide which way to go.

Only you decide what is important to you,

if you’re lucky.

Inspiration comes from those who seek it,

hold on to it,

and do them for the right reasons.

My reasons:

God, my husband, my family, and myself,

in that order.

As long as I follow my dreams for those reasons,

I will always be inspired.

And I will always act on my inspiration.

A choice we all are faced:

risk for reward or always wonder.

You have to follow your dreams for your reasons.

Because being great is finding something to hold onto

and running with it.


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