Life in the First Act

Have you ever thought about the possibly of flying away? Of course you have. It would be easy to land somewhere unknown and make a new destiny for yourself. How romantic it would be to leave a life behind that was full of mistakes and disappointments to start a brand new life that opens doors to your exact, current desires? That would be the idealistic approach to everything. I suppose that it is why so many people write or watch movies about this very aspect. Though, in my opinion, a movie only talks about the first act of it’s entire story. What the movies leave out is the life after the ending of the movie.

What is it? Now that the two people end up together; do they have perfect lives, relationships, opportunities? Doubt it. I believe that people long for this because they long to believe the good in their own selves versus the bad, which is ultimately is what makes the little bits of dirt that ruin our clean canvas’.  Its not a bad thing but it is the reason idealism is so longed for. To be able to start over at the end of every mistake. We can get away with that for awhile but at what cost and for how long?

Why couldn’t we long for the contentment? It is interesting that I would even be ashamed to write about it in the first place.  No one, I repeat, NO ONE should be ashamed to be happy for contentment.  Its funny how we long for the idea of happiness and contentment;(I say this because it is always the ending of our movies) but in real life, once we reach this contingency we suddenly get bored. We get into trouble. I something that I can not understand. An idea that I have struggled with for a long time. It’s in our very nature to do this so don’t think you are alone. I promise, you aren’t.

When I was younger, (and people still were curious and still had a small essence of never-ending possibilities floating in their heads) use to ask me all of the time why I could say things about myself in such a reassuring and positive way. I would say, I try to reassure myself that even though I make mistakes every day; I make realizations. I reassure myself that everyone makes mistakes and chances are if I just say how I feel and say my intentions, as different and complex everyone seems to be, we are all still exactly the same when it comes to our wants and needs. It is the reason I can so confidently say this right now.

Even if you flew away, although it may be exhilarating and passionate, you eventually have to land. It, too, will be fading and eventually you will either be left in a whirlwind of emotions (good and bad, mostly just confused) or you will be stuck in contentment once again. So, if we long for a content ending, there is no reason we should feel ashamed to achieve it. Then our relationships could develop farther than the first act.


2 thoughts on “Life in the First Act

  1. It took me a really long time to catch up here… I’m really glad it finally happened…

    I continue to seek contentment in all aspects of my life… reading here, one can be content for a time…

    I have been in a whirlwind of emotion lately…

    Trying to find my way back all the time…

    This is a fabulous artistic display…

    Whatever it is…you have it…

    Warm regards….John H.

    1. seeking contentment is my self-journey, my inspiration. It pleases me to know that you are taking something away from my writing because it’s the exact reason for sharing it — in hopes to speak to at least one person.

      I just posted another one…hope you enjoy!
      Thanks for the support and compliments

      Hope you have a lovely day!

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